Antique 19th Century Retablo Icon Saint Francis de Paula


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Antique collectible Retablo depicting St. Francisco of Paola. Icons like these were placed above household altars to venerate the saints {retablo means “behind the altar.”} The main function of displaying retablos is the belief that a saint or deity would intervene in the life of the devotee, bringing good health, prosperity and protection against life’s ills. Retablo artists were trained by local masters, the practice handed down through generations.

This painting is of St. Francis of Paola holding his staff, his rosary hangs to the side. His iconography includes a flaming symbol of God’s Charity, the motto of the Order of Saint Francis, in 1436 near Reggio, Italy. He is the Patron Saint of naval officers, navigators, maritime pilots and those associated with the sea. He is invoked for protection against flames, childlessness, and shipwreck. Loss to the paint, and corners are bent, as shown. A hole at the very top is most likely where it was attached to a wooden frame long ago, or perhaps directly to the home altar over a century and half ago. Luminous and beautiful, a wonderful addition to your religious artifact and devotional collection.

  • Measures 10″ x 7″.
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