Antique French Plaster of Paris Madonna Bust Lourdes Souvenir


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Virgin Mary made of chalkware, with soft hand painted facial features, blushed cheeks, piercing eyes and sweet lips. She is wearing white gown edged with a gilt detailed trim with jewels. Most likely sold on the steps of one of France’s Cathedrals as a more luxurious souvenir bust figurine than most, figures or statues like this would be used at home by the faithful in a niche, or on a home altar to revere the Holy Mother of God.  

She is serene and lovely, but is not perfect, there is some wear here and there as shown. Colors are cream white, gold, pink, blue, red and brown. Please only adopt her if you can love her for who she is. This figurine of the Virgin has an octogonal base with the lettering N D de Lourdes. The back has LaPavre and Depose. Display her surrounded by flowers and votive candles.

  • Measures 6-1/4″ h x 5-1/2″ x 3″.
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