Antique Aged French Provencal Ochre Confit Pot


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Fabulous early Antique Early French Confit Pot, bought in France. This is a fabulous earlier 19th century French confit pot, I bought it only for all of you who said “please buy some with major wear and texture, and a storied life!” The marigold yellow ochre glaze is absolutely beautiful, it has that luminous quality we love. It is worn off on both sides, with just hints left on.

Once used daily in a French cuisine, this ordinary terra cotta pot is now amongst the most avidly collected antiques from France. The aged appearance, patina and true authentic signs of wear makes it the perfect accessory for your French provincial interior. There are three small holes in the very bottom as shown, making this pot excellent for planting or as a lamp base. Chips and imperfections help authenticate these pots as they were utilitarian type pieces. 

  • Measures 11″h x 11-1/2″.

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