19th Century French Benetier Enamel Cloisonne Benetier Holy Water Font


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Exceptional Antique French Benetier, Holy Water Font,  with rare to find detailed reticulated cloisonné enamel embellishments on each corner.  The enamelling is gorgeous, in colors of pink, aqua blue, forest green,  red and navy blue, each piece is gilded. The background for the finely detailed figurine of Christ is red velvet, the corpus has gilt with a beautiful patina. This would have been used for devotion in a Catholic household in their chateau or perhaps a small chapel.

Fine quality, the bowl for the holy water is attached, there is an area of loss to the metal on the very bottom decorative flange as shown, the font remains in original water tight condition. A stunning and quite large sized Holy Water Font from the mid to late 1800’s from France, to display with your religious articfacts, your collection of Madonnas and other religious antiques and missals. This is the nicest benetier I have seen of this age.

  • Measures: 18” H x 10” W 
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