19th Century French Gilt Pink Fleur de Lis Jeweled Crown


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19th Century French Gilt Jeweled Religious Crown with pink jeweled fleur de lis from the mid 1800’s. This beautiful Virgin Mary or Madonna crown from France was no doubt donated to a chapel by a wealthy benefactor as a tribute to the Queen of Heaven.  Stunning large size, it graced the head of a nearly life-sized Madonna statue. 

Beautiful gilded metal with stunning scrollwork, prong-set large rose red jewel in the center with accents of glittering paste clear stones. Each surviving crown is a special part of French history, the band is adjustable. Of note: the top Fleur de Lis was soldered back on, slight darkening as shown. Pink is an extremely rare and collectible color {most have clear, red and green or blue stones} and highly desirable.

  • Measures 4-5/8″ x 6-3/4″.

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