How To Make a Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

When the air turns crisp, bright bold hues tint the leaves, and the sky just looks bluer somehow, you know Autumn is here! Delight in the gorgeous colors of autumn with this beautiful pumpkin overflowing with the season’s brightest blooms. Not only will it add a festive fall touch to your table, it’s so easy to do! You’ll find How To Make a Pumpkin Flower Arrangement DIY tips as well as additional floral inspiration from my friends.

How To Make a Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Welcome to our October Monday Morning Blooms!

Today Pam, Mary and I are blessed to have our dear friend Shannon of Belle Bleu Interiors join us.

I know you will enjoy all the floral inspiration you will see today!

Monday Morning Blooms Fall 2023

Monday Morning Blooms

Our theme today is pumpkins! Please join us in our journey into the heart of autumn today. Bring nature’s bounty indoors and revel in the artistry of floral design made for everyone by creating a pumpkin flower arrangement.

We are so lucky to have a wonderful pumpkin patch at a local farm near us.  It’s one of my favorite things to do, to go there and select pumpkins. Sure, I could just get them at the market, but going to the patch and seeing all of them on the grounds, surrounded by stalks of wheat, corn and farm fields is a little gift I give myself each year, to really savor the beginning of the autumn season.

I love all things pumpkin during this time of the year, especially pumpkin flavored lattes {I use pumpkin flavored protein powder in a cup of coffee- so good!} But pumpkins are not just for eating. They’re perfect for decorating with flair every fall and a pumpkin flower arrangement is one of the things I create during the cooler autumn months here at home. It’s become a yearly tradition at FrenchGardenHouse.

How To Make a Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

how to make a pumpkin flower arrangement


Over the years, I’ve made many different kinds of pumpkin flower arrangements. Typically, in a hollowed out pumpkin with a glass insert in the middle to hold the water and flowers, or surrounding a lovely pumpkin with dried flowers and wheat and other fall dried florals in a large antique dough bowl.

This time, I thought I’d try using the top of the pumpkin as a “lid” for the flowers, and I love how it turned out! I selected a pumpkin with an especially beautiful stem just for this arrangement. I consider myself a floral enthusiast, you too? I have a passion for flowers and I love styling them in beautiful ways to add seasonal charm to FrenchGardenHouse,

I’m sharing all of my tricks for creating this fall flower arrangement that will wow!

Make a Pumpkin Flower Arrangement


 Prepare your Pumpkin

  1. First, slice the top off your pumpkin and hollow it out. {I cheated and had Mr. FGH do this for me!}
  2. Line the hollow pumpkin with plastic – a plastic kitchen trash bag works great.
  3. Soak a block of ‘wet floral foam’ – you can get it at hobby shops, or online. It is the kind that needs to be soaked in a bowl or bucket of water first. Be sure to let it soak at least 1/2 an hour.
  4. Insert your block into the pumpkin. I cut my block smaller for this arrangement since I’ll be adding the top.
  5. You will add three bamboo skewers to the foam, pierced side up, so that you can place the top on the skewers later when the flowers are all in.
  6. Begin inserting your flowers. I began with the chrysanthemums this time, I usually begin with the filler, but I didn’t buy very much of that so changed up the order.
pumpkin centerpiece

Add your Flowers

You can use a variety of flowers for your pumpkin arrangement, but the fall colored ones are my favorite. If you tend to love white, green, and softer colored pumpkins, you might choose lighter colored flowers. That’s the beauty of an arrangement you make yourself, you can make it just what you want it to be!  Choose the ingredients you love and stop when you’re happy with your arrangement.

flowers in this arrangement

Burgundy Cushion Mums
Safari Sunset Protea
Pin Cushion Protea
Blueberry Viburnum
Seeded Eucalyptus

After you have filled the foam with flowers, try the top. You may need to reposition a few flowers, or add more here and there. I did. I did again once the top was on the skewers. My top started tilting a little bit, so I wadded up the plastic sleeves my flowers came in and wedged that around the floral foam for more stability. Worked like a charm!

This centerpiece is perfect for your home in fall, especially for an autumn dinner party. And what a great Thanksgiving centerpiece…my daughter who ‘face-timed’ me while I was making this today already said “perfect, you’re on the flower committee for Thanksgiving Mom!”

pumpkin table setting for autumn

I set our table in the kitchen for a casual dinner with friends using the pumpkin. Our round chambray linen placemats always add a nice textural element, and the linen IVY printed napkins from Europe are new, and were happily married to the antique French ironstone with black leaf design.

make a pumpkin centerpiece

how to make a pumpkin centerpiece

These antique French ironstone plates were made by Sarreguemines in France in the 1800’s. I love the dark colors, and placed these French antique dinner plates on my everyday inexpensive black plates.  Our everyday French black handled flatware {we used to sell it but sadly it’s no longer being made} adds another black element to the setting.

I want to mention that floral design is like any other type of design. You might not like this arrangement, you might have liked it better with different colors, different flowers, or a different pumpkin. I encourage you to create your own Pumpkin Flower Arrangement with whatever it is you love.

The best thing about this arrangement is that you can go on a walk outside, in your garden, in your street and/or whole neighborhood and gather berries, leaves and twigs to add to this here and there. Because the pumpkin is hollowed out, it probably won’t last longer than 1 – 1-1/2 weeks before the pumpkin starts getting soft. I suggest you place your arrangement on a plate if you place it on a wooden table just in case it starts to get sticky and wet. I might place this outside once our dinner party is over, it may last a little longer in the cooler outdoor temperatures.

pumpkin flower arrangement

Please make a beautiful pumpkin flower arrangement for your fall decor this season! It’s an easy DIY centerpiece that is perfect for entertaining, Thanksgiving or even a great hostess gift idea. Make everyday occasions wonderful with a creative idea like this.

Here are the links for the other gorgeous Pumpkin Floral Arrangements :

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Will you try making a fresh flower arrangement in a pumpkin this autumn?


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