Welcome dear readers to another Floral Friday! By now Fall is in full swing, and our favorite cozy season is here.  For this Floral Friday, I’m going to show you how to make a long lasting French Country Centerpiece with dried flowers and a pumpkin.



Since I’m in Europe on our last antique buying trip of the year right now, I made this ahead of time.  I decided to use dried natural materials, so that I could leave this arrangement out for our house-and-Bentley sitter to enjoy!


If you came here via Shirley, Pam or Mary, I want to welcome you with all my heart!  Please get a warm cup of coffee {pumpkin spice latte?} and join us for our special Floral Friday.  I will share the links to my three friends at the end of this post, be sure not to miss their always inspiring flower creations!




This flower arrangement is made with dried flowers that I used in the last Floral Friday – using flowers that have dried gives you twice as much bang for your buck. Roses are so easy to dry! You just gather them together with a wire or string, and hang them upside down until they’ve dried.

They take on a whole other level of beautiful when they are dried.



Long lasting, this is such an easy and pretty centerpiece for a table, or to place on an entry table or French buffet.


It’s perfect for fall gatherings, and Thanksgiving too.





Luxury Le Meron Taper Candles


I began making this arrangement by placing a large white and green pumpkin in an antique wood trencher, or dough bowl.



Then I used little pieces of an old fall garland that has seen better days and sort of twisted it around the pumpkin, it’s the wheat garland that is hanging out over the edges.


I added the dried roses, dried hydrangea from our garden, little green berries from last week’s flowers, little cuttings of sedum from our front garden.



Two pomegranates came next, and because I didn’t want our house sitter to have to deal with real apples – {or maybe because I wanted to take our apples on the plane?} – I popped in some small green faux apples.



Let’s talk about the table setting. {Since I know you want to!}




Hares in Winter Tablecloth


These beautiful tablecloths just came in, they are designed in Paris, and printed by traditional Provence block printing methods in the company’s factory.


Glorious colors of brown, green, red, and that luscious golden French yellow, all on a cream background.  And…the reason I fell in love with this table covering…there are  r a b b i t s  and holly leaves and berries.


And even though the pattern is called winter, the colors are so right for this table setting and autumn, too.


Rare Antique French Transferware Plates


The French earthenware dinner plates in poivre are just about perfect color wise as the dinner plate, I layered smaller antique French transfer ware plates with that great octagonal shape over them.


PROVENCE Dinner Plates in Poivre


Antique Silver Plate Flatware


Vintage silver plate flatware and our linen napkins with the wheat embroidery complete the setting.


Wheat embroidered Linen Napkins







This shows the arrangement from above. And yes, I did actually stand on the table to take this photo!



I hope that our Bentley sitter enjoys this arrangement while she is living at our house.  Bentley, our Lab, is such a baby….he hates going to the dog hotel, I don’t know why, because they have two swimming pools and all the dogs do all day is play and swim.


But it’s probably our own fault, he’s a little spoiled.


So we always have a Bentley sitter living here at home when we are away. Because…well….we love that big dog to pieces!






Thank you so much for joining me to day.  Be sure to visit my friends Shirley, Pam and Mary, their links are below.

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à bientôt




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