Guide to Beautiful Gift Wrap Ideas

With autumn’s many events, special occasions, and other reasons to give “just because”, I’m always looking for beautiful {& easy!} wrapping ideas, you too? These simple wrapping ideas will have you wrapping gorgeous gifts to give to all the people you love in no time. Here’s our Guide to Beautiful Gift Wrap Ideas.

Guide to Beautiful Gift Wrap Ideas

As a young wife, I went a little crazy with gift wrapping. In my early 20’s, I wanted each gift to be perfect. So much so, that sometimes it literally took me a day {and night} to think of the perfect combination of paper and ribbon. I mean, seriously!

These days, I still love a beautifully wrapped gift, but it’s got to be easy to do, and no sleepless nights thinking of the right combination of paper and ribbons etc. Because at the end of the day, while there are people who cherish all that perfection, most of my family and friends just rip the paper off and want to get to the actual gift!

Guide to Beautiful Gift Wrap Ideas.

Keep it simple.

You really don’t need twenty different rolls of wrapping paper. I usually keep a variety of high quality gift wrap on hand. But I’m just as likely to wrap gifts in regular, kraft paper. Because there is something special about creating a gift wrap story with a very neutral background that can be embellished with toppers. Make things easy by choosing a theme or wrapping for the season. This season, I’m choosing monochromatic paper, pops of metallic, natural greenery and frayed velvet ribbons in grey, red and  faded rose.

Kraft boxes for small treasures tied with satin ribbons and one of our oversized tags {they have plenty of space on the back to write on, and take the place of cards!}

Guide to Beautiful Gift Wrap Ideas

Sauvignon Blanc Tags

Layer paper.

Do you have a bunch of leftover scraps from fabrics, as well as paper that you don’t really feel good about throwing away? A great way to use those up is to layer them as part of your gift wrap design.

Use Baker’s Twine.

I love baker’s twine. Here at FrenchGardenHouse we use it for gifts, for tying tags to bottles of wine, for hanging up party banners for celebrations. It is a “can do” type of twine! I love our Gold Twine Gift Wrap Set: gold twine on a wood spool, in combination with a hand made natural embellished twig wreath for embellishing one very special gift, and little cards with gold crowns imprinted on them to use for all your gifts! It can last you through wrapping so many gifts. Multi-wrap the twine around your gifts to give your them more of the wow factor.

Guide to Beautiful Gift Wrap Ideas

Use Unusual Ribbon

Choose unusual ribbon. Ribbon with texture, that evokes a feeling of history and the past. Our Frayed Velvet Ribbon is new for this season, and an exciting way to bring a little extra special touch to all your gifts. In combination with a little bundle of faux and dried flowers and foliage it’s an amazing presentation. Perfect to wrap a special birthday gift or for a hostess gift for Thanksgiving.

Add an Embellishment

A fun and easy embellishment for any gift. Our little bouquets or twig wreaths are my favorite way to elevate any gift wrap presentation. Knowing that people keep these and repurpose them makes this a gift on top of the actual gift. We had these made for us by Parisian Atelier, each one is a little different because they are hand made and tied into little bundles featuring faux grey eucalyptus, faux “bunny tails” in cream, and golden bronzed fern leaves.Tied with grey velvet ribbon, it was a fun project to design them in collaboration with Parisian Atelier just for our FrenchGardenHouse clients.

Guide to Beautiful Gift Wrap Ideas

Use Clippings and Vintage Ribbon

A fresh or dried natural clipping from the garden layered under ribbon or baker’s twine makes any package cheerier.  Using vintage ribbon – doubled up- makes this such a pretty package, doesn’t it?

Use Over-sized Tags

Instead of buying an expensive card, use one of our oversized tags as part of the gift wrap design.  A guide book to Paris wrapped in satin ribbon with one of our Paris gift tags makes for a beautiful presentation!

Guide to Beautiful Gift Wrap Ideas

Eiffel Tower Tags

Go Bold and Shiny

Love bright colors? Go big and bold and tie a simple big bow with our double sided French Wired Cerise & Apple Green Satin Ribbon. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t use your favorite colors!

Details Matter

It’s the personal thought that makes every gift really extraordinary. Think of the packaging as an extension of the gift itself. Here we wrapped a gift in ribbon, but added our Champagne Bucket Ornament on the top as an embellishment. Made of real glass, it’s a cute way to present a beautiful photo album to be used for a wedding.

Be sure to hand write a little message. Not good at putting your thoughts to paper? Search for an appropriate quote or scripture and hand write that on your tag. It will be cherished and kept.

With these tips, you’ll be creating  gorgeously wrapped gifts in no time!  It’s not about perfection, it’s about taking a few minutes to lovingly prepare your gift to bring joy to the person you are gifting it to.

What is your secret trick for wrapping thoughtful and beautiful gifts? We’d love to know!

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