Easter is such a special time, isn’t it? I am always beyond excited to prepare for Easter. Are you hosting Easter this year?



Here at FrenchGardenHouse we gather with our friends and family and enjoy a casual brunch in the garden to celebrate the resurrection, to celebrate the fresh new hope of Spring, and just to celebrate the blessing of being all together.

It’s such a joy to celebrate SPRING. It also seems to be such a busy time. This year, I know for me, it’s as if Easter suddenly appeared out of nowhere {it IS early this year.}  Eek!

I’m sure that you are just as busy as I am this week.  To help all of us get more done than we thought possible and make Easter as stress-free as possible, here is a round-up of some of my favorite Easter Tips and Posts.

Because it always seems like I have plenty of time, but then at the end, if I don’t plan well, I run around way too much on Thursday and Good Friday.



I filled the Easter Baskets for our little people. Almost from the time they were born, we’ve filled their baskets with a new bathing suit, sometimes a new towel or cover up, and just a few candies. Because, Easter without a chocolate bunny just doesn’t seem right, does it?




I’m starting off with my Easter Brunch Check List:




This really helped me pull Easter together last year. Every year I simplify and simplify, at least I think I do!

But filling all those plastic eggs for the egg hunt always gets moved to Saturday night, which is when I could really use a good relaxing time!  Luckily, our youngest daughter was over for a visit this past weekend, and together we filled all the eggs for our annual egg hunt. So that’s done! {insert a big HOORAY here!}



French country Easter Buffet




French Country Easter Breakfast

I hope this offers you some inspiration to make your own Easter joyous, beautiful, and as stress-free as possible!

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  1. Lidy — Once again, what a wonderful post, full of great ideas and design inspiration. I love it! Thank you for sharing your talent and decorating ideas with us.

    A very Happy Easter to you and yours —

  2. Janet, I hope you are ahead of the game at your house too. Wishing you a most beautiful and Happy Easter too!

    xo Lidy

  3. Easter…a very special time indeed for family to come together to rejoice the season of joy, love and sacrifice…as always, you will indeed provide the most beautiful day of activities and beauty from your heart to theirs.
    Happy Easter to you and your family Lidy!

  4. Shirley, Happy Easter friend! I hope your day is wonderful!
    xo Lidy

  5. Thanks, Lidy. And, I forgot to mention that I loved all the photos from last year’s celebration, especially of you and Mr. French Garden House with the grandchildren. Precious!

  6. Thanks, Janet! I am technically not supposed to post to many photos of those little people here, but this way they are slightly hidden by the “photo props” aren’t they?

    Hoping for beautiful sunny weather on Sunday, it’s chilly for this time of year, but at least it will be dry. And hopefully sunny, that makes Easter especially beautiful.

  7. I so love the photo of you, your husband (right?), and grands! You make for a beautiful, sweet family. That is so important. Holidays give us the opportunity to celebrate our faith, heritage, and of course, those we love!!

    Easter is YOU, Lidy. Your blog always makes me think of spring. Light. Fresh. Floral. You nailed that with your pretty table. I always swoon over your linens, the velvet ribbon is just precious.

    At holidays we usually have to do a buffet, we have no dining room. Grrrrr…We recently had my daughter, hubby, and babe here for dinner, and I did a little bit of a tablescape as I was fiddling around. So fun. I hope you have a peek at the pics on my blog.

    Love and Easter blessings to you and yours, pretty lady!!

    Jane x

  8. Jane, thank you, I hope that your Easter is beautiful. With your adorable family, how can you miss having a joy filled celebration? I don’t have a dining room either! I wish I did. Sometimes we set up a table at the end of the living room, but mostly we eat either in the kitchen or in the garden. {luckily, our Southern California weather usually makes that possible!}

    Happy Easter, dear friend.

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