Often, when I’m out shopping a European Flea Market, I fall in love. Okay, you know me. I fall in love a lot.

Recently, I’ve found that I’m falling for and always on the hunt for paintings.  Flea market paintings, to be exact. They call out to me; a little odd ball at times, sometimes signed, sometimes not.


Some are beautiful, some are a little more quirky. {and truth be told, some are prints with varnish “strokes”….luckily I’m quite adept at finding a “real” painting!}



Each one is an original, painted at least 50 or more years ago by an amateur artist.



Sometimes, you can find a real treasure!

A few years back, here in the states, a woman paid seven dollars for a box that included a painting. She actually liked the frame, but had the painting evaluated by an auction house, just to make sure! Turns out it was a “missing” Renoir, stolen long ago from a museum.  Eventually a judge made her give the painting back to the museum.



None of the ones I buy are masterpieces quite like that, but each one is perfect to incorporate into your home. The paintings look great in groups {they like company – it’s often how they are stacked at the markets near the Seine in Paris and everywhere else in France.}

The paintings in France are getting more expensive, because you know….France + Art. And French dealers know people love art. But they are still much more affordable than most contemporary paintings.

This is an extremely well painted one, the colors are amazing!



Many are unique, they are one-of-a-kind artworks that will add French charm and flair to your home!



This one, above? A lot shabby,  but I still loved the way it looks, it’s a little wonky, but recognizable as a bridge over the Seine in Paris.




These paintings look great hung on your walls.



There are landscapes, and florals.  I love the ones painted on slate…like the painting below.

I find them here in the states too.  Each one is a treasure! We have a hall way filled with them, and each one is special to me.



They have simple frames. Or elegant, shabby gilded frames.  I love them all!



Some are more romantic and elegant, like this rose painting, with it’s chipped gilded antique frame.


Flea market paintings add interest, and infuse an intriguing sense of YOU in your home decor.


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  1. I too love oil paintings and have been blessed to have a few. My late cousin had a wonderful gift of painting and had a large southern home filled with her beautiful art. She loved antique frames and knew how to make molds to repair the big gorgeous frames she found paying very little for them because they had damage. She is no longer with us but her art is and I see the pieces she painted and framed for me every day. I tell my husband if we have to evacuate our home for whatever reason, take the oils!

  2. Alice, I love it! Not only that you have beautiful paintings, but that they have such sweet memories of your late cousin. What joy they must give you, and yes, take the oils! Wishing you a beautiful weekend, xo Lidy

  3. Jean Van

    Hi, Lidy,
    Just lovely, love the rose’s have a few and it makes us enjoy them so much looking at them thanks for sharing such wonderful taste you have, have a nice weekend~~~~~~~~

  4. There is something about an original piece of art that adds so much to a home. I love all those you featured. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jill, I agree. Each work of art has a little piece of the artist’s heart in it, doesn’t it? Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  6. I have such eclectic taste when it comes to art and tend to buy what I love and then find a spot – amazingly that has always worked! Happy Monday, my friend!

  7. Kristy, that is JUST how you should be buying art, with your heart.


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