I can’t tell you how excited I am to let you know that my brilliant and beautiful friend Kristy Woodson Harvey’s latest book is out, TODAY. It’s available for all of us who have waited a whole year to delve into the bliss of Peachtree Bluff and the women we’ve come to love in the first book in this series, Slightly South of Simple.



Kristy is not only smart, caring and beautiful, she writes books so filled with Southern charm, that we feel like we are sitting on a porch in the South with her women, right there, in the middle of it all.

Her characters are so charming, we want to be their friends and share our lives with them. If you have read Kristy’s other books, you know exactly what I mean!




You may have met Kristy as part of my  “Brilliant Friends” series.  She gave us a glimpse into her beautiful home filled with southern charm.



I wrote about her book Slightly South of Simple, which is the first book published in the Peachtree Bluff series last year.



I also interviewed Kristy so that all of you could get to know and love her as I do!



Meet Kristy >


Kristy has been hailed as the “voice of the south”, but more than that, she is a voice for all women who have less than perfect lives, yet strive to support the other women they love with all their heart and soul.  {Without our sisters and friends, mothers and grandmothers, aunts and cousins, where would we be?}



The Secret to Southern Charm is a powerful book about the strength and importance of family, whether through blood or friendship.  Life in Peachtree Bluff is complicated with four generations of one family living together. Picking up right where Slightly South of Simple left off, The Secret to Southern Charm continues weaving the intriguing story of three sisters and their mother and grandmother.

Kristy’s ability to bring us right into this family of women filled with warmth and wit is exceptional. Her writing is so intriguing, I read this book in one day! This is a poignant and charming story of first loves, missed opportunities, second chances and light-bulb moments.



One of the sisters, Sloane, finds out her military husband is missing in action. Her world a shambles, she can barely climb out of bed let alone summon the strength to parent her young sons. Her sisters and mother encourage her to move forward, supporting Sloane in a way only family or those we count as true friends can.

You will fall in love with Sloane and her distinctly Southern family. Women who are gracious, engaging, loving, who know how to create a beautiful life. Women who are strong, protective of their families, friends, and way of life.

You will recognize yourself in the conversations in this book, I know I did. You will cheer, smile and cry with the women of Peachtree Bluff.

And the ending will make you want this year to pass quickly, so that you can read book #3 when it is published in 2019!



You will want to read book #1 and then book #2.  Slightly South of Simple and The Secret to Southern Charm. And you’re welcome!

I am thrilled to let you know that Kristy has graciously offered to gift a copy of The Secret to Southern Charm to one of my readers to enjoy.  And OneHope is adding a glittering bottle of something wonderful too, since it’s Kristy’s signature and absolute favorite drink – a little bit bubbly, a little bit sweet and low carb!


Just in case, after reading the book, you feel like celebrating that you were born a woman! With all the abundant gifts God graced you with, and all the women in your life who make it a joy.


One of my lucky readers will receive a copy of the book and a glittering beautiful bottle to share with the amazing women in her life.

So easy to enter, just leave a comment on any post and follow FrenchGardenHouse on Instagram from now until the end of April, and we will choose one winner by random drawing. That’s it!

I’ll announce the winner on May 1st on the FrenchGardenHouse Facebook page, and the prize will be mailed directly by Kristy to the winner.



GOOD LUCK!  Thank you to Kristy and OneHope for sponsoring this post.


The Secret to Southern Charm (2) (The Peachtree Bluff Series)


  1. Claire Kendrick

    Well written expose on the author. I’ve been wanting to read her books. Would love this one to get started. I love your blog and already follow you on instagram.

    1. Claire, thank you! All of Kristy’s books are so wonderful to read, you will enjoy each one!


    Gotta love the South! And even better with a bottle of the bubbly!

  3. victoria Rosalie kent

    I enjoy your posts, thank you for your beautiful photographs and for featuring the book!
    On Instagram!

  4. Ginger Valdes

    Thanks for the heads up on Kristy’s new book! Been looking for a new good read, and voila! You just told me!

  5. Ginger, it’s such a beautiful book, I know you will love it!!

  6. Haylee Matecko

    The bottle of champagne looks so cute, and I love the idea of strength in family. So excited for this giveaway!

    1. Haylee, yes on all counts! It’s a fabulous read, and who wouldn’t love a bottle of glittered delight?! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  7. Now I know what book to take to read next. And then pass on to my mother and daughters!

  8. Now I know what book to read next. And then pass on to my mother and daughters!

  9. Susan, the Peachtree Bluff series is PERFECT for that. So beautiful to read, and it will make you recognize yourself and your daughters and Mom, too. I can’t say enough about what a delight it is to read Kristy’s books!

  10. I’ve got to read these books! Sounds like a perfect escape series! I live in the North, but dream of living in the South part of the year as I now am retired!

    1. Marge, it’s the perfect book series for you then. I love everything about it…plenty of Southern charm and sweet tea. If I was retired, I’d join you!

  11. I’ve been anticipating Kristy’s book since I heard it was coming. She’s so lovely. I’ve had the pleasure of being in chats and her hosting Facebook groups. This is a must for summer.

    1. Kate, so happy you are a fellow huge fan of Kristy, as well as her writing! She is lovely, in all ways. xo

  12. Susan Harrelson

    Thank you so much for sharing this author with me. I’’m forwarding your post to my best girlfriend because I know she will also want to read her books. Susan.

    1. Thank you so much, Susan! I always love a great book reading recommendation, too…avid readers. 🙂

  13. As an avid reader I would love to win this book! Always excited to get recommendations for good reads so will need to purchase the first book as well! Thanks so much !

    1. Cheryl, you will love Kristy’s books…they are so wonderful to read, and well written. Thank you for leaving a comment!

  14. Susan Brown

    Love to read any books with southern charm and about real life!

  15. Martha Thomas

    Love your shop. Beautiful items, I follow you on Instagram.

    1. Thanks so much, Martha! Thank you for leaving a comment and for entering to win the book and glittering bottle!

  16. What a beautiful book about strong, southern women. Want to read!

    1. I know, Lynn! Right?? Either one is fabulous, together they are amazing!!

  17. Cindy Crawford

    I just found SSoS a couple of weeks ago and wanted to pick up SSC immediately! So glad it’s out now! I also enjoyed your post about Kristy and her books

  18. I look so forward to reading this book! Thanks for the chance!

  19. Love books about the South. So glad I was born and raised a Southerner! Looking forward to reading her books.

  20. Eileen Saint Lauren

    It’s my hope that KWH will give Nicholas Sparks the competition he’s long been needing!!

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