I am very proud of what we sell at FrenchGardenHouse Antiques. I take great pride in presenting my very best to you, on the website, in the antiques I choose for you, and in writing here, on my blog.

These days, in typical “now” style, much of the focus of presenting my beloved FrenchGardenHouse Antiques to you is with our FrenchGardenHouse instagram feed, my Facebook page and my FrenchGardenHouse Blog.

But especially in the early years of of my business, print publications were my favorite way to be seen.




Over the last 16 years, FrenchGardenHouse published print advertisements in some of my very favorite design publications, Victoria, Southern Lady, Romantic Country Style, French Style, French Country Style, Romantic Homes and Victorian Homes magazine.

At first I had every ad designed for me, but later on, once I got to grips with how to edit photos and combine them with a graphics program {without giving my computer dirty looks – or having a good cry in the office!} I made my own.

The design process wasn’t so easy for me, I wanted to feature my favorite “newly acquired” antiques for that month’s ads, but had a difficult time choosing just a few. {They are all my favorites. That’s why I buy and sell them!}



I still get emails and phone calls from clients referring to one of those “vintage” ads and asking me to find something just like an antique featured on one of them.  It is amazing to me that the ads, really our printed history, are still a constant source of inspiration for my client’s homes and what they want to decorate with to make their homes a reflection of who they are and what they love.



This full page ad was a “try it and see” on my part. I wanted to see how it would look if I surrounded the antiques with our FrenchGardenHouse signature color.


Looking at it here, it’s not my favorite, it was the only time I did it. In the magazine, though, it made a statement.  I had the most ever calls, texts and emails asking about the horse!




I’ve curated some of my favorite advertisements from the last 16 years to share with you today.  I love, because they feature antiques, that they are still as relevant today as they were when they were published.


Antiques are timeless, and always have a place in your ever evolving decorating style, don’t they? There is no such thing as an antique going out of style!

I’ve selected a few pieces currently available, inspired by these vintage ads, I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!




1.Antique Round Toleware Tray| Antique Toleware Tray | Antique French Majolica Cradle | Antique French Majolica Plate



2. Antique Silver & Crystal Vanity Bottles, Mirrors and Powder Boxes.


3. Antique Cream Majolica Plate | Antique Prevelles French Jug | Antique Provencial Terra Cuite Bowl | Antique French Watering Can


Thank you for being as delighted with these historical treasures as I am!







To thank you for your friendship, and support, we are having our annual  BIRTHDAY CELEBRATE  SALE!

{it’s my birthday…I’m not telling how old I am!}



Please join me in a champagne celebration toast, virtually, at least.
This is the perfect time to grab the special antique(s) you’ve been eyeing from our exceptional collection.

Celebrate Sale – use code: celebrate to save 20% on orders over 75.00. Ends on 2-28-2018.


Be sure to visit my website, right now I’m having my once yearly BIRTHDAY SALE – so If you see anything that you love, now is the right time to buy it and add it to your home to make your rooms beautiful and bright.


  1. Dear Lidy,Happy Birthday.
    Have a lovely day today.
    Like everything you do with your finds,isn’t hard to sell them?

  2. Gloria

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    I toast you on your birthday. If you were in Raleigh I would certainly have you for tea. To celebrate your birthday I purchased the other four napkins with the red embroidery to match the other four I already have. I will be able to save a few for display while using the others. I also ordered the wonderful Olive Lavender soap. I look forward to your birthday every year. LOL

  3. Lidy — I have always been attracted to your ads. I think they were (and continue to be) very compelling. (I’m a former editor, so print ads were a huge part of my life!) Happy, happy birthday. Have a lovely day and a wonderful year.

  4. Thank you so much, Janet. That means a lot coming from you. I had great fun looking at all the advertisements of FrenchGardenHouse’s past, some early ones I probably wouldn’t use today ( I’ve improved my photography skills!) but most of them I still love, because I loved the antique pieces featured in them.

  5. Maryanne

    I still look through my old magazines including the ads, and yours are always beautiful. I have separated all my ‘French’ editions and the ideas are still relevant. As you say, antiques don’t go out of style!

    1. Like you, Maryanne, I keep all my very favorite issues, the “French” ones and the holiday ones are always keepers.

  6. Jan Schouw

    Lidy, Happy Birthday. This is my birthday month too. Enjoy every day!

    1. Thank you so much, Jan! Happy Birthday to you, too. It’s the best part of being this age, our birthdays tend to stretch out over a few weeks. I love that, don’t you?

  7. Tracy Walters

    Beautiful Lidy, Boy do I know your pain from early days of writing an ad, creating a blog post, even creating a listing! I still think my children and grandchildren were born knowing how to create on a computer, but I was completely self taught and it took me years of screaming, wanting to punch in my Mac, then having to edit all over because they couldn’t see it right on a smart phone, crying some more, and then just leaving it for nearly two years! But I wanted you to know that it’s your inspiration, beautiful photos and post that has gotten me over my pity party and working on my site again!! You are so good at what you do and I’m honored to call you a colleague, happiest birthday month!!

    1. Tracey, that’s so nice of you to say. Thank you so much. xo

  8. Nancy Davies

    Oh Lidy I hope your birthday is another marvellous one. We must make the most of them and treasure them when they come along. We don’t need to remember how many we have had!!

  9. Your antiques, your ads, yourself are exquisite….I can see why you got a lot of calls on the horse!
    Have a very, very Happy Birthday my friend celebrating it with your loves!
    Always crushing over your gorgeous silver and crystal vanity jars and bottles!

  10. Sue Malizia

    Sending birthday wishes…hope your day has been a special one

  11. Your presentation has always “had me at ‘Hello”! Quality treasures, and I’m proud to say I have a few that make me so happy.

    Jane xoxo

  12. Norma Rolader

    oh my love love your pieces in your shop and put on my wish list Thank you for keeping us with the french decor and beautiful elegant pieces

  13. Thank you so much, Norma. You are always so encouraging, I treasure your friendship!

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