Decorating with Blue and WhiteFresh. Clean. Classic. Always at the height of style. Decorating with Blue and White.

What am I talking about? A color crush many of you share with me, the love of Blue & White.



Blue & White is a true love that lasts forever. Paired with white, blue feels fresh every time you use it. Blue & White adds sophistication to every room of your home, it’s calming, yet at the same time energizing!


For this dazzling display, the blue and white antique delftware accents are given more character by adding a few pops of orange to compliment the roses.  Our FrenchGardenHouse signature candle and a few antique books echo this sunny color.

The French opaline glass vase just brings another color in that plays up the charm of blue and white.


Aqua Blue Opaline Vase



A collection of blue and white antique Delftware makes a statement, don’t you agree?  This group of smaller plates, blue and white Delft paired with blue, white and multicolored antique Makkums decorative plates  makes a narrow wall space look and feel important.


Blue and white makes a difference in any room, no matter how big or small.  Some may have a collection of blue and white to display, but it really only takes one stunning antique piece of pottery to bring your heart and your room joy!  This antique Delft Blue vase is the perfect piece to start a whole collection!


Antique Delft Blue Hand Painted Vase



In the living room, an antique French glass jar with an antique paper blue and white label makes a strong statement. Filled with lighter blue hydrangeas, it echoes the color of the antique flow blue plate on the stack of my very favorite decorating books.



decorating with blue and white




This is one of the most pinned table settings I’ve ever created. From my Valentine’s Breakfast Table Setting Post >, the vintage Willow design dishes stand out against the white mantel and neutral antique French chairs.


Blue Willow Dishes


There is just something inherently beautiful, calming and exciting about Blue & White, isn’t there?


Antique Delftware Fruit Strainer



Blue & White mixes so well with just about every other color, too.  Pink, red, black, green, each different color way brings out the nuanced beauty of blue and white.


One of my favorite ways to use blue and white at FrenchGardenHouse is with antique dishes.  I still love this table setting I created a while ago…..I paired the antique blue & white flowered cafe au lait bowls with brand new French Country checked plates, and used our best selling navy linen napkins.


Antique Maastricht Blue & White Bowl


See how this blue and white combination really shines when paired with red? A crisp red apple echoes the large floral red charger plate underneath this stack of plates.


When I entertain I love to create fun, casual yet elegant tables that combine my love of antiques with new dishes. I want the table to be different each time, in this case it was the wow of red combined with the blue and white that made it beautiful.


French Country Plate| Red Charger| Blue Linen Napkin


The same color blue plate takes on a whole different look for this table in our back garden. Neutral napkins, antique French blue and white dishes, and a hint of green both in the fresh asparagus and hydrangea and it’s a whole different setting.


Bon Appetit Linen Napkins|Antique French Country Plates



Some color trends come and go. Others develop into a true love that lasts a lifetime.

It’s easy to decorate with blue & white. Look around your home and see if you have any pieces you can display together.  It doesn’t take much, this small Blue Willow plate plays nicely with one of our Les Belles Fleurs faux flower arrangements and a few blue tinted eggs

Together they bring a touch of spring to a forgotten corner, a shelf, or your bedside table.


Ciel Blue Floral



Blue paired with white is a lifetime love-affair many of us share! The classic combination of Blue & White has stood the test of time and been loved by all generations.


Antique French Ironstone Cake Stand



Decorating with blue and white will always remain in style! It’s a classic.

HOW DO YOU USE BLUE & WHITE IN YOUR HOME? Please share, we’d love to know!



  1. Allison

    I’ve been using blue and white in my curio display from the days of the “Bombay Co” store at the local mall when I was a teenager (now 58). I throw in some Unikat Polish Pottery, some Italian Pottery, and whatever else comes my way for some pop of color and to soften the formality. It really is a beautiful “go to” for display and use.

  2. Darlene

    Blue and white is my absolute favourite. I am so drawn to your displays. Keep them coming.

  3. Thank you so much, Darlene, that is so kind of you to say.

  4. Allison,

    Your blue and white display sounds not only wonderful, but quite international, too!
    I hope it gives you joy each time you see it.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend,

  5. Lidy — As always, your vignettes and display advice always inspire me. I too collect blue and white (so easy to live with!), mostly transfer ware. My husband commented recently that perhaps the collection was big enough? Then corrected himself to say “never enough.”
    Thanks for a lovely post!

  6. Janet, your husband is a wise man! I agree, you can never have enough blue and white.

  7. Adore Blue & White Delftware.Inherited a few pieces.Also love Blue & White Gouda.
    Last week I was able to purchase a gorgeous Gouda Blue & White plate in a thrift store for only € 3.50,a real bargain.

  8. Anja, that is truly a find! Being in Europe, you probably find some real treasures.

  9. Jean Van

    Hello, Lidy,
    What can I say but, LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY, my favorite is blue and white and I have so many nice pieces like above so enjoy seeing how you put everything just perfect,you have a great eye, thanks for sharing makes me love mine even more~~~Happy weekend~~~~~~~~~Jean

  10. Norma Rolader

    Oh my so beautiful and the pieces and decor are gorgeous

  11. Gloria

    I have three section blue and white plates from my grandfathers 1920’s nightclub. They are only marked made in Japan. But the odd thing that I just acquired a few weeks ago was from my mother-in-laws house (the family lived in England for many year when my husband was a boy). I love them when I saw them and to my surprise they were Royal Staffordshire Dinnerware by Clarice Cliff. They are a softer blue like your french plates and platters. Your displays as always give me inspiration how to use and display mine.

  12. So lovey, Lidy. I am a huge fan of blue and white. I have what I refer to as my blue and white wall, in our kitchen. This is where I have hung assorted pieces of blue and white. For our everyday china many, many years ago I selected – Spode Tower Blue. Still love it some 40 plus years later. You never fail to inspire Lidy, with your beautiful arrangement of selected pieces, whatever they may be. I do so admire wonderful creative talent and I clearly see your talents with every post.

    1. Sandra, thank you. You are so sweet to say so. I love your pattern, the Spode Tower Blue is a classic, and quite beautiful too!

  13. I started collecting blue and white when I first got married it has come in in an out through the years for, fifty years. I have six granddaughters that I am dividing it between. The fist one gets married this year and she has picked out what she wants. I have twelve Spode plates.that I have in my bedroom. I have three beautiful Ginger Jars that I use in the house through the house at different times. I have Parkinson’s now so I will be dividing it up in the next week.hew years. I love using it in grouping At Christmas. I probably have fifty different pieces. Enjoyed your pictures. Ann

  14. Annette DiGiuseppe

    I am also a blue and white collector! I never tire of it. I would like to send you two pictures, if I may? Let me know!

  15. What is the story on the little glass box with cushion inside in the display on the books? I have one from my grandma and know nothing about it. I need to clean mine.

    1. Lori, it’s an antique French box, most were made to hold special jewelry pieces, some were made to hold a pocket watch.

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