As the new season beckons, a sure way to warm up your home is to display your favorite antiques. Warm and welcoming by design, antiques add timeless grace to your home.

Autumn hues warm every room, bringing out that welcoming feeling.

Coaxing the most from your interior is easy with just a few well chosen and thoughtfully placed objects with a history.

These antique French Apothecary bottles which echo the color of bright red fall apples with their tole caps create a simple display on the sideboard.  As you can see, I tend to decorate for the seasons with the beauty of nature, branches, flowers and fruits are most often my “go to” for every season.

I love red in autumn, don’t you? When nature’s colors change from summer’s faded, soft colors to bright gold and red, changing things up at home to follow suit makes for beautiful displays.

The red French antique transferware platters and compotiers are stunning agains this remnant of Ralph Lauren wallpaper.

I sometimes use wallpaper I love as a table runner {secretly hoping no one spills!} because the color is so intense.

Resplendent with brilliant golds, deep greens, plum and autumn’s brilliant red, it’s the perfect backdrop to showcase some of my favorite antiques.


Creating little autumn vignettes around the house is a lovely way to reflect the beauty of the season.

All it takes is a vintage Italian Florentine tray, a French pedestal plate in luscious chocolate brown, some pears, roses and a votive candle to create an autumnal vignette.

Isn’t this such a beautiful design? Made in France, in the mid 1800’s, it’s such a special piece to use as a display for fall fruit, scented candles, or a special pumpkin.


The easiest way to add fall flourish to your home is by piling fruit in an antique container.  See how these red apples and yellow pears mimic nature’s palette and make for a simple yet elegant display?

Totally off-topic, but I wanted to share this tray with you.

This beautiful tray from the 1800’s was a serendipitous find, those colors!  It is rare to find a large tray like this with such a beautifully hand painted marsh bird. Oh! I love everything about it.


A close up of this beauty…that it has some wear is part of its charm, it’s had a life, it has a storied past. It sold early this morning, and I am sure that my client will adore this for all the reasons I did when I bought it.

I wanted to share it with you, because isn’t it just glorious? And the colors are perfect for autumn.

Decorating for the season can be simple, as simple as adding roses and mums in deep red and purple colors to an antique French toleware basket on your mantel.

Or displaying a collection of antique French canning jars with graphic fruit labels in the kitchen.  Fruit, leaves, branches and all things natural add depth to your displays.

I go out to the garden early in the morning, clippers in hand, and cut off branches of olive, grape, eucalyptus and whatever else I think will look great in an arrangement.

The wilder, the better!

Setting your table with antique plates and platters decked out in autumn’s colors is a beautiful way to warm up your dining room.

No matter how you proclaim your love for autumn, the antiques that embellish your home add grace, and they are so comforting.

There is something about old, old pieces, I don’t know if it reminds all of us of our grandmother’s house, or what it is. All I know is that when I set the table here at FrenchGardenHouse with antique plates and platters, it just feels G O O D.

It is a joy to see those warm, beautiful colors, to think of crisp cooler days, isn’t it?

For all of you who have been emailing and asking {you are even more in a hurry to have autumn come than I am!!} – today I added our latest trouvailles {= “lucky finds”} from France on our shop site, for you to create a home you love with.  Especially for autumn.


There are French Country, simple antiques like this basket, and the canning jars.

And some super fun decorative accents, like these antique boot forms from France.




They are a little quirky, with a whole lot of personality and a sense of humor!


There are antique French Country prints. I love these, in their antique frames with gilt liners. Colors, perfect for autumn!

This autumn, I have lots of beautiful things to share with you. Antiques, of course, but also delicious recipes, ideas to help you make the most of your home, and entertaining helps, gorgeous home tours, and table settings to inspire you.

I hope you will be inspired to create an ambience in your home that exudes beauty and grace, but also one of relaxation, to create a haven for you and those you love.  

You can see WHAT’S NEW from France HERE….and next Tuesday I’m launching the FrenchGardenHouse Early Fall Collection.  Filled with small luxuries you will want for your own home, and to give as thoughtful, lovely gifts to hostesses, friends, and other people you love.  I’ll share a sneak peek on Monday!

Happy weekend, friends!




15 thoughts on “WELCOME AUTUM”

  1. You have so many pretty things. That tray is incredible!
    We cleaned out yet another storage room at the apartments we renovated. A family had been there for several generations. We found boxes and boxes of old books. What fun I had going through them. And a very interesting hand-painted dish shaped like a shell. It’s so exciting to unearth treasures.

    1. Susan, how exciting to be able to find boxes of books in your apartments! It’s my secret dream, I buy an old estate, and in the attic are untold treasures from long ago! 🙂

  2. Yes, that tray is fabulous! I can just imagine your home filled with the pretties of Autumn. You have shown us how we can enhance our home for the days of Autumn with the simplest of things such as a most beautiful antique compote or dish with fresh fruit. Love those “quirky” boot forms…I fell in love with them in France and brought a pair home with me! The boots are usually warming by the fire in my house! 🙂 Have a great day!

    1. Shirley, how special that you have a pair of boot forms you personally bought in France! I know you have so many great memories of that trip, but seeing antiques you bought on the trip must make it all come back each time you see them. I think that’s the beauty of antiques, they hold memories, ours, and those of the people who loved and used them before. Happy weekend, friend!

  3. Your post made me long for Autumn, however I fear it is still far away – in Florida as well as Italy. I love red and gold colors in that crisp cool time of year, but ‘tangerine’ is my new favorite.

  4. Lisa, here in California it isn’t going to crisp anytime soon either, but like you, I’m longing for those days. Tangerine is a beautiful color, it’s perfect for fall.

  5. Beverly Ivey

    These are such lovely pictures! I haven’t been quite ready to part with summer, but I must say, this set my thoughts and heart leaping ahead to autumn!

    1. Beverly, thank you so much for your visit and for taking the time to leave a comment.
      I cherish every comment, and new friend.

      Wishing you a beautiful weekend, {still} filled with summer’s glory.

  6. Ginger Valdes

    Well, Lidy, your vignettes are simply stunning! Oh yes, I’m longing for that cool, crisp feeling of Autumn and the beauty it brings. I’m not sure we’re going to have Autumn this year in south Texas, but with a little help from you, I’m sure I can make it SEEM like it with a little fall decor.

  7. Summer is such a short season in Maine that I can’t even think about fall until summer breathes its last. Your vignettes are inspirational however.

  8. Linda, I understand that. Being from Southern California, fall is a long awaited respite from the hot weather! Thank you so much for your visit, xo Lidy

  9. You’ve got me excited about autumn, Lidy! Love the boot forms and the rooster prints. I’m going to dig out my fall goods now…

    1. Diana, thank you! I am sure you have some pretty spectacular fall goods!

  10. You are so getting me in the mood for fall. I’m looking forward to decorating the lakehouse as well as the city, and my fall collection is almost as large as Christmas. I am really loving the ‘chocolate’ dishes-how different and perfect for the cooler months ahead. I also love the tray with the bird, it is earthy and perfect for the warmer colors we want to add to our homes in autumn.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Jane xxx

  11. Jane, I can’t wait to see your lake house all decked in her fall glory! Days spent there with your family must be so special, in summer yes, but I can only imagine how beautiful it is there I. Fall! Xo

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