We’re celebrating the last golden weeks of summer.  And you probably already know this about me . . . . I am a dyed-in-the-wool FALL FANATIC!

I can’t wait for fall to begin. I already have my fall decor planned out for here at home, and a home tour scheduled for mid-September that you won’t want to miss.


I confess, the minute my garden starts telling me fall is on its way, I get giddy with excitement!

{How does my garden tell me that autumn is slowly but surely on its way? Well, the leaves get a little crispy around the edges, the hydrangeas start to change color from summery hues to deeper, darker blooms with flecks of crimson wine and brown.}

And another sure way for me to know it’s almost time for my favorite season to begin is that shipments, boxes and parcels begin arriving at FrenchGardenHouse filled with antique French goodness, selected by me personally to bring the best antiques have to offer to decorate your home for the autumn season. 

Fall is such a beautiful season, I love everything about it, don’t you?  The smells, sounds, and textures of fall add a special and intense magic to our homes.


I can’t wait to share some of the storied antiques I acquired for you to add the flavor of autumn to your home.

I’ve selected antiques from France for you to discover, one of a kind finds to give your home style, and personality and to reflect YOU. The photos offer a little sneak peek of what is to come to our FrenchGardenHouse.


I know that together, we can create a home that feels authentic like you, and design a canvas that evolves with the seasons like you do.

Aside from the antiques, I’m also over-the-moon thrilled about this year’s early French Country Fall Collection. I was able to find some things that I know you will love at market this summer, and re-stocked some of your all-time classics and favorites, too.

The early French Country Fall Collection has a selection of new gifts and decorative accents perfect for this season. For you to give as thoughtful, small luxurious gifts to those you love. {Like friends who invite you over for dinner – AND cook your favorites!}

These small everyday luxuries are perfect for you to add French flair at home: small linens, pillows, candles, soaps, tote bags and more, to make your home cozy.


Just like a French country cottage in the woods of Ardenne.

While we are unpacking, photographing and I’m describing each piece without waxing lyrical in too many words, don’t forget the SUMMER SALE ends Wednesday!

If there is something you have lusted after admired for awhile, this is the time to buy it! The sale is only on for one more day.

15% off orders over $125, code: summer15

20% off orders over $200, code: summer20

Be sure not to miss it LAST CHANCE!SHOP AWAY!

12 thoughts on “GOLDEN DAYS OF SUMMER”

  1. Carole Shiles

    Like you, I can not wait for fall. I love everything about it, the colors, the smell of leaf fires and everything else that is Fall.

    1. Carole, I can’t wait…for all of it!! Hope you are having a beautiful Tuesday.


  2. Carol Anne

    So beautiful Lidy! Oh but don’t like rushing summer… our winter was so brutal… I’m drinking up EVERY bit of sunshine I can!!!???.

  3. I love fall, too. You vignettes have me inspired. I think this will be the first fall I really decorate and celebrate indoors at the lake. Fun!

    I love the pretty bottles you use as vases!

    Jane x

  4. Oh, but I relish summer and never want it to end. I always have loved fall, but what comes after–winter–no! Many (many) years ago I lived right on the equator in Africa. I mean, the water would go down the sink clockwise, and if you stuck your finger in, it would switch to counter-clockwise. Right ON the equator. It was always between 75 and 85 degrees (on a mountain) and I loved it. The same thing, all year, every year: gorgeous. I didn’t miss the change of seasons one bit.

    1. Susan, that is so fascinating about the equator! I have to admit, I adore fall because
      here in Southern California, it never gets much more below 50 on a fall day. And the sun
      almost always shines!

  5. I cannot wait to put away the beach glass and starfish and replace them with the warm colors and pretties of Fall….What a great sneak peek of your Fall collection. I am always mesmerized by the way you style your beautiful things. The apples remind me of great Fall adventures of apple picking among the pumpkin patches…Love those great bottles with the red metal lids!

  6. Hi Lidy, Here in Colorado, fall is simply glorious. With the golden quaking aspens, the cooler weather with a bit of snow on mountaintops, and switching on the gas fireplace in chilly mornings. Can’t wait to see the French Country goodies in store. Hugs, Pat

  7. Autumn is my favorite season, but I do wish summer was just a tad longer.

    As always, your photos are magazine worthy.


  8. I love Fall to and seeing my hydrangeas with a touch of red is definitely my sign too. I must admit, I feel like it’s been a really fast summer, and I’m not quite ready for school to start – wanting a few more of those long, lazy beach days…happy weekend, my friend!

    1. I can understand how you are longing to hold on to those less hectic days of summer with your little guy! I am ready for the hydrangeas with that touch of red, but hope for you that those last days and weeks of summer bring you lots of joy, and long beach days! Happy weekend. xo

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