Welcome to the Fall French Home Collection!

When nature’s color palette takes that turn towards the rich, golden colors of fall, we all delight in cozying up our homes with a few small touches.  By now you know that I adore Fall.  I almost called this collection the “I Love Fall” collection, well, because of obvious reasons.

The Fall French Home Collection is filled with small {and some not as small} things to help you capture this cozy season at home.  I took my time collecting products that I truly love, things I’m crazy about. I hope you love them as much as I loved finding them for all of us!


French Country Pillow

PILLOWS. The things I chose with you in mind will transform your home into a cozy, warm and inviting one for this glorious season. I use pillows and throws at FrenchGardenHouse to celebrate each season in our home.  These French Country Pillow Covers from France in autumn hues warm up this bench in the kitchen. Aren’t the colors so gorgeous?


French Coq Gaulois Pillow Cover

Charming tapestry pillow cover in a square shape features the king of the farmyard, a brilliant rooster, ready to bring a touch of savoir-faire to any room. The reverse side? Two sweet hens.


LINENS. The new linens have me inspired for dinners with friends and family.  My linen cupboard is stacked with 100% linen cloths, napkins, and several of these amazing linen bread baskets.

French Country Linen Bread Basket


Made in Roubaix, France, close to the Belgian border, this linen bread basket will grace your table for your most memorable meals with family and friends from now on.


Using pure Belgian linen grown from organic flax, each one is made to last. Classic French design and practicality meets beautiful traditional farm country style in each piece.


I love that they fold flat when not in use, I just store them right along with my tablecloths and napkins.

Decorative, and useful, they are my new favorite gift to present to a host or hostess with a loaf or two of French bread and olive oil. You’ll be invited back, I promise!

Linen Late Blooming Lavender Towel

These towels have been used in Europe for generations. {well, okay, not THESE specific ones, but towels just like this!} I love them, they are made of 100% linen, and get softer the more you wash them. I’ve seen these used in French hotels, at the bar, in French homes to dry hands and/or dishes in the kitchen, and more.

Linen Olive Harvest Towel

I’m excited that I found these, the perfect smaller size, so handy and in rich autumn colors of Olive Harvest and Late Blooming French Lavender. They make wonderful liners for bread baskets too!

I’m planning on using a small stack of them in our guest bathroom at FrenchGardenHouse.

BAGS. So many of you asked me to find a French market bag that looked fantastic. I think I did!  This French Linen Market Bag is roomy enough to carry all the flowers, organic vegetables and loaves of French bread you can carry home from your local country farmer’s market.

French Linen Market Tote

Simple traditional style, this classic bag is made from 100% Belgian natural linen, and made in France. This will be your “go to” bag for fall and beyond.

It’s been a while since I found a bag I wanted to offer, this one is perfect for all your needs.

It’s good looking enough to carry to the gym, for a quick trip to the countryside, or to take on a shopping excursion, It is really big inside!

APRONS. Each season, aside from changing out my towels in the kitchen, I like to get a new apron. Just like the aprons worn over a century ago in France made from bits of leftover mattress ticking, this apron will protect your clothes while you are whipping up your famous cassoulet for Sunday supper chez vous.  Beautiful colors of the Provence area in sunflower gold, chocolat, rouge et rose.

French Country Provence Autumn Ticking Apron



The large front pocket is very handy for holding your cell phone, and a multitude of other things while you are cooking. {This apron can go out for gardening chores and wells, too!} Inexpensive enough to gift to a favorite hostess or friend too.  I keep a supply handy in my gift closet.




GLASSES.  In the fall, we entertain either on the back patio with the fire pit throwing off warmth, or inside by the fireplace – it’s so cozy!

One of my new favorite drinks is one I will share soon, a spicy apple cider with a splash of cinnamon whiskey.

Toi et Moi Glasses

These French Toi et Moi glasses are perfect for entertaining, ‘you and me” – what could be better?

Sold in a set of two, how fun are these as a special host or hostess gift? Include a bottle of cinnamon whiskey – I’ll post the recipe at the end of this week for this yummy drink!




CANDLES. There is nothing as magical as the glow of candlelight, especially now that the evenings are beginning to get dark earlier.

A simple, classic lit candle will elevate everyday meals to special, the kind of meal where family or friends sit around the table and share stores and laughter.


Hand Wrapped Dinner Candles



Here at home, even if it’s just John and I, I light a candle in the evening. It makes us feel special, and signals that’s its time to relax and enjoy our home and each other.

Always a best-seller, for this fall season I found hand dipped unscented candles and had them wrapped to give as gifts with cellophane, ribbons and special embellishments so that they are ready for you to present as a gift. The burn time for the square tapers is 13 hours.


French Country Olive Dinner Candles


There are several different colors, blanc {white} square tapers, Merlot and Olive dinner tapers that come packaged with wired French ribbons and a checked French tag.

And always my favorite color, our dinner candles in that bright chartreuse green.

Chartreuse Green Dinner Candles

Ready to present to your favorite host or hostess, they already have ribbons and a tag you can fill out yourself. {the writing is just for the fun of showing it to you, the tags are blank}

Perfect to add to a beautiful set of antique candlesticks for an exceptional gift.

French Country Olive Lavender Soap

SOAP.  Completely sold out in spring, our Provence Olive Lavender Soap is made by a master savonnier. This beautiful gentle French-milled soap softly lathers without drying your skin.

Calm, gentle and refreshing fragrance of the olive and lavender fields in France, reminding you of that divine autumn when you rented a petit chateau in Provence.

Individually wrapped by hand with French Country papers, and tied with our signature red & white check Bardot ribbon. Each bar is 200 grams.  Limited edition, a welcome gift to present to your favorite host or hostess, decorative enough to display in your bathroom.

Brings joy to washing…lather, rinse, smile. Charming French Country Toile paper embelllished with a decorative rooster tag.

TASSELS. So many of you asked for these, that I searched high and low to find some beautiful tassels, with a special touch. These tassels are embellished by hand, in a small home studio, with silk ribbons, antique trims or couture details.

Give a luxurious lift to your cabinet latches, doorknobs and lamp pulls with our decorative Tassels.


Aside from some of these newer additions to our fall collection, there are the classic, tried-and-true products you loved and asked me for again this year.

I restocked the Squirrel and Turkey Pillow Covers.  They are a great way to introduce a touch of autumn in any room, on your front porch, or anywhere a little fallish charm is needed.

I love how the Turkey Pillow Cover looks on the sofa in our family room.

The artisan created French Buckets are back in very limited numbers.  Exclusively made for FrenchGardenHouse and a seasonal favorite!


Both the Squirrel and the Turkey are a great decorative accent to decorate with from now until after Thanksgiving.

They are large enough to use in your hallway to hold your walking sticks and umbrellas, I love them filled with branches for a huge display on my side table too.

{Secret I’m only sharing with you – Soon, very soon we will be getting some new designs. 1. Napoleon! For all of you who adore this French emperor.  and 2. An amazing French rooster. I’ll let you know as soon as they are done, and have arrived here, so you can get first choice.}

The French Country Apple Wreath in red adds a great decorative accent to your home from now all the way until after Valentine’s Day- or every single day!

Thank you all for making this one of our bestsellers! Our FrenchGardenHouse Candle has been restocked in the delicious Currant Verte scent, it’s magical and beautifully presented in clear glass.

Perfumed with the scent of French currant berries, apple, and succulent notes of pear, the fragrance flourishes into bergamot and grapefruit.

Our best-selling goblets are back with their French etched design taken from antique French glassware.


And of course the linens you love, made with such care and of 100% linen in towels and napkins.

Mix that all together with French antiques, and you have everything you need to make your home personal, filled with beauty and storied pieces of the past, to create an autumn home where everyone feels loved and welcome.

This is the color palette I loosely chose our fall collection around, neutrals, the warm colors of autumn, and then {you know me!} a merlot wine red.

I hope you enjoy browsing the Fall FRENCH HOME COLLECTION.


    1. Alice, I am so happy you love everything in this collection. It’s always those little luxuries that make our days special, isn’t it?

  1. Oh my!!….I love your new items and your old “classics” I have never seen a linen bread basket such as the ones you have…love it and love it all! As always, I love your presentation of all of your pretties!!!

  2. Thank you so much Shirley! This is the prettiest collection, I truly love every single thing that I chose to be part of it. The breadbaskets are great fun, I love that they fold flat and you just store them with your other linen cloths and napkins. Happy almost Fall! Xo

  3. Diana Lucas

    Lidy, Everything in this collection is absolutely to die for! Simply beautiful. Wish I could buy some of each. What I got will have to do for now, though. Have to say your taste is exquisite-this is a great way to welcome Fall into a home. Now, if we could just get it to feel like Fall soon in Texas, that would be great! Have a lovely day. Diana

    1. Thank you so much, Diana! Hopefully, all our fall home fluffing will coax some fallish weather to our areas! xo

  4. Hi Lidy! What a wonderful collection for Fall. I especially love the soaps, candles and linen towels. Whenever I see your ad in home magazines, I feel like shouting, “Hey, I know her!” Wish you had a store here in Colorado so I could see everything in person (and meet you!). Hugs, Pat

  5. Pat, thank you! It would be so fun to be able to travel to meet all our online friends, wouldn’t it?

  6. I love the squirrel!! It reminds me of all my sweet little friends in my yard collected the acorn which is the nut of the season. Darling!

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