Red & White Check Antique French Enamelware

A few weeks ago, something Red & White and French captured my heart. I was trying to find antique French enamelware pieces {for a designer client} in soft pastel colors. And what did I find? Red. White. checks. That’s how it goes in this business of antiques. It’s not like shopping “new”… you have to love and appreciate what you find. And grab it. fast.



Which I did. At the end of the 19th century, and in the early 1900’s, most European kitchens had sets like this. For keeping Savon Mineral and Savon Noir {soap for cleaning, the black soap was more abrasive} next to the sink, and a laitiere or milk/cream pail that would be filled either by the maid after milking the cow, or by the milkman who delivered fresh milk and eggs each morning.





A coffeepot, for making cafe each day in the morning, for lunch, and afternoon and evening {a reason why most coffeepots that are of this age are fairly worn since they were used so often} like this one, to be placed on the coal stove.



And also a set of canisters, for Sucre, Farine, Cafe, Pates, Chicoree, and Poivre. I love the canister sets, often there is just one left, or three, to find a set of all six is quite exciting!


And a SEL container to hang on the wall next to the stove…for salt.




This set is in amazing good condition for its age. I love the cheery red & white checked pattern, and can only imagine how proud a French wife would have been of this set. She kept it in excellent condition. So exciting that we can now enjoy this set. There are many collectors of this beautiful and useful French enamelware…I know this will go to a loving home. Fingers crossed that it will be used in a kitchen where laughter rings the table!

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Red? White? Do you love it or are softer colors more to your liking? 

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10 thoughts on “Red & White Check Antique French Enamelware”

  1. Tammy Rey

    Oooo, these are so cute. Besides aqua, I love red, especially in the kitchen.

    1. Tammy, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Do you have a blog?

  2. Lidy even though I am a big fan of softer colors I think that the red and white would fit right in with my kitchen decor. It indeed a very lovely set. Enjoy your day. Jo

    1. I am a big fan of softer colors too, but then there is the “other side” of me that loves RED! Thank you Jo…I hope you enjoy your day, too!

  3. Jeffrey Chancelor Baines

    This is a wonderful find. It’s almost impossible to obtain these so complete, and in this condition. I can always count on you to acquire the best antiques in France. I love the green canisters we bought for you last year, and we enjoy them every day. Still waiting for you to find other pieces, I know you are looking for us! Thank you for the beautiful post.

    1. Thank you Jeffrey, if I find anything I will let you know asap!

  4. Well, you know me… I just love color 🙂

    Gorgeous set, Lidy. I just know someone will snap it up quick.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, my friend.


    1. Thank you Rue! I love how you love color…the trim on your house and the door, well, I adore that boldness! Happy weekend to you to, Rue. xo

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