Summer Wedding Shower in the Garden


Summer months are filled with so many gatherings ~ graduations, weddings, showers, BBQ’s and more. This past weekend, one of my daughter’s hosted a wedding shower in our garden, together with the bride’s cousin, for her boyfriend’s sister, Natalie.  I am sharing a few shots of the decorations, especially the beautiful centerpieces made with bottles.


This is a horrible picture, but our front gate had a mint colored basket tied to it filled with white hydrangeas and other white flowers, and the wedding invitation tied at the top to welcome guests.

Our back garden is the perfect place to host a summer shower, especially when the borders bloom with so much color. I was a little worried about the weather, two days before the event it rained here, which almost never happens in southern California in June. But on the day of the shower, it couldn’t have been more beautiful.



All the gifts were placed in the shade, under the large gingko tree.  Each table had white linens, gold flatware, mint napkins and white and peach or mint tagged box favors. My daughter had such a beautiful vision of what she wanted this special afternoon to look like for the bride, and she made the centerpieces. {so proud of her!} Little printed cards with quotes about marriage added a thoughtful touch, I clipped them in the pewter table card holder clips.


The candy bar was a sweet addition, placed in antique and vintage glass containers and milk glass, each guest could scoop treats {with antique silver spoons} in gold striped paper bags to enjoy during the opening of gifts, or to take home.


The centerpieces were so beautiful! And so easy to make….they are wine and protein drink bottles sprayed gold or mint green. Don’t they look stunning on the tables?



To make your own:

Gather bottles, wash off any labels and dry thoroughly.

For the bottles with stripes, use blue painter’s tape and tape off stripes. Press down on the tape to make sure the paint won’t leak in that area.

Cover an area with a plastic tarp, we used a plastic tablecloth over a piece of cardboard.

Wear a mask and spray your bottles in light, successive layers. It took two light layers to spray these bottles.

Let dry, carefully peel off tape to reveal the clear glass stripes.



The two beautiful hostesses and the bride-to-be Natalie. {that’s my girl in the coral dress}

These looked elegant with all white flowers, but would be just as decorative in a different color, and filled with bright flowers! I hope you try this for your next party or dinner.

What is your favorite “go to” centerpiece for a shower or other special event you host in your home?

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13 thoughts on “Summer Wedding Shower in the Garden”

  1. David John

    Stunning, everything looks so inviting. The garden looks at its best, the border is just beautiful. Inspiring

  2. John Paul

    Stunning, what a great idea, we always have all sorts of bottles empty around the farm. Great way to recycle, and a wonderful decorative idea for summer al fresco entertaining.

    1. John Paul, this would look great on those big antique tables at your farmhouse in the country!

  3. Oh, how beautiful! Such wonderful touches and I absolutely love the centerpieces!

  4. Lidy,

    Your garden is simply gorgeous! It’s overflowing with blooms and was the perfect backdrop for the shower. Lovely—everything!

    Jane x

  5. Stephanie & Sandy

    Oh! I love this idea. We are giving my sister a wedding shower in Cape Cod, and the white flowers will be perfect in the beautiful garden by the coast. Maybe I will spray bottles gold and light blue. Love your ideas, elegant, casual, and French !

  6. This is just gorgeous, Lidy. It truly captures the elegant casual feel of summer. So often, people over or underdo the centerpieces at a shower or outdoor event, this is perfect. friend received her antique French toletray from FrenchGardenHouse, I love it and it’s perfect for my design for her living room. Thank you for always having such quality antiques to offer, so that I can use them in my client’s homes.

  7. What a lovely party! I love the bottle ideas. Thanks for the directions. Xo t

    1. Thanks for the visit, Thea. I hope you are having a beautiful June. And I hope you make these for some flowers this summer! xo

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! And so is your daughter 🙂

    Oh and I pinned that lobster salad recipe from your other post. I can’t wait to try it!


    1. My Megan did a beautiful job, I agree. I think everyone had a lovely time. Hope you love the salad, Rue, it’s not difficult to make, and totally delicious!

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