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Happy weekend! The week flew by, I can’t believe it’s already the weekend can you?  This weekend, so far, I haven’t done a whole lot except tend to some of our plants, and sit under the umbrella on the back deck to read. That’s unusual for me, but I’ve had a busy week, so a rest was welcome.


Our garden sees it’s share of laughter, guests, family and all around merriment. But some weekends, I love it most when it’s quiet.

What are some of the most beautiful parts of your garden that you enjoy?


Is it a little seating area like ours, above, where you drink your first cup of coffee? {it’s also where we sit and have a glass of wine before dinner.}


Do you have a small garden house or a bench in your garden to pot plants? Built by Mr. FGH as a birthday gift for me one year, I love my “little French garden house” {it’s where the name of my business originated!}


Or a stone bench to sit and drink a cup of tea later in the day? I bought our stone bench {it rests on two rabbits} from a neighbor down the street years ago, it’s probably my favorite thing in the garden. It took three trips, two wheel barrows and a “dollie” to cart home, it’s so heavy.


Do you have statues or figurines in your gardens? I love to add some decorative pieces, this girl has been on our deck for 15 years, I love how she is developing patina. I hope you all have a beautiful, relaxing weekend! On Tuesday, I am excited to share a chat I recently had with one of Tennessee’s premier interior decorators. It’s a don’t-miss post with amazing photographs of his stunning design work, and a few of his best tips too.

What do you love most about your garden, I’d love to hear from you!

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Thoughts”

  1. Your garden is lush and beautiful, Lidy. I think I remember when you first started to make changes 6 years ago. Has it been that long??!!! It’s lovely.

    I just did a garden post—I’m working on getting more perennials so that I, too, have time to just relax and read. I do though, I just FEEL the weeds growing around me as I do it! Ha!

    Happy weekend, pretty lady!

    Jane x

  2. Jeffrey Chancelor Baines

    Your garden is beautiful. We have three gardens on our property, but right now none of them are much to look at. Ripped out borders and am slowly replacing with our ” new vision”. Happy Sunday Lidy

  3. What a beautiful garden…I would want to spent all my time out there too!! That first photo of your beautiful perennials is stunning!!

  4. Nancy Pianfetti

    Happy Fathers Day to Mr. FGH!!!! I hope you both have a wonderful day!!!

    My favorite place in our yard is where I created a small garden place from roots and pine needles…nothing would grow there, so I decided to create a garden of hardy shade loving plants and whimsical details. My favorite thing is a battered metal pig with all lavender flowers blooming from his backside!!! Every time I look at it I smile, best $5.00 I spent at a garage sale last year!!!!

    Its a perfect spot to just sit and reflect on our day, or when the grandchildren come tumbling home from school!!!!

    Enjoy your garden!!!

    1. That sounds so cute, I love the pig and lavender flowers, I think that would make me smile each time I saw it too. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by Nancy/

  5. Oh my goodness, such a joy to visit your garden and your lovely blog!
    Just look at your hydrangeas and oh the little girl and garden house.
    I am missing my garden and yard so very much, so I will stop by often and visit you and yours.
    Have a lovely and Blessed week,

  6. WOW – your garden is stunning!! Ours has good bones with a beautiful stone wall surrounding it but needs a lot of work before it will be anywhere near as beautiful a spot as yours is.

  7. Lidy, your garden is so beautiful. I could spend hours out there 🙂

    What is that old tree by the garden house? I love it’s character.


    1. Rue, that’s a gingko. We have to have it professionally scaled back once every two years, it grows and grows. It shade our whole back part of the house in summer, which is wonderful. Late fall, all the leaves come down, and as we don’t had snow in my part of California, my children used to call it “their” snow.

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