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Rita Reade’s and Christie Repasy’s Vintage Marketplace Show is one of the best, bringing together vendors with gorgeous booths, stunning displays and absolutely wonderful vintage and antique wares with lots of eager shoppers four times a year in the tiny town of Rainbow, California. Last weekend was no exception, I absolutely LOVE going to this great show. Below are some of the pictures I took before the serious shopping began….you will see, beyond compare!

All the booths are decorated to the nines….there is so much to see, and be inspired by!  This time the theme was Beachy.

Vintage Beach House

Each spot a little treasure trove of loveliness.

Glamarella Junk

Beautiful flowers planted in such imaginative containers.

Everywhere you look there is another creative idea, beautiful piece of vintage furniture, and a whole booth filled with treasures.


A shabby lover’s dream.

One of the most fun booths there…loving the giant paper flowers and watering can with garden hose.

A beautiful planted container by Rita Reade.

Wonderful display, look at those cute little signs made of scrabble letters.

Great display using an old bed spring.

Lace, mannequins, rhinestones and jewelry, how can this go wrong?  Loving every thing in this display.

An old English Tea pot Cozy and sweet Victorian dishes…in pink!

Shabby Chic Pink goodness, love this crackled, old paint.

There are so many more photos of this fabulous show, I will share more later this week, come back and see more and be inspired…I was. 

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7 thoughts on “Vintage Marketplace Fun”

    1. Yes, it’s totally eye candy! I think I have another post or two of great pictures from the show…all equally wonderful and inspiring. Glad you enjoyed these, Joyce. xo

    1. Hi Debra, you are so welcome. Come back for more, these vendors really worked so hard at showing off their offerings, and their displays and vignettes were wonderful.

  1. Andrea

    Looks like fun, Lidy! I met Christie at a show in San Diego a few years ago and she is really lovely as well as super talented! Glad to see she is still doing great~

    1. It was, Andrea! {This would be a GREAT place for you to show off your spectuaclar wares…just an idea.) Christie is lovely, you’re right.

  2. Hi Lidy,
    Just wanted to say thank you for taking such wonderful photos of my booth at The Vintage Marketplace. So glad you had a great time…hoping to meet you at the next show!

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