Temecula Get Away

Do you ever just love {need} to get away on a mini vacation?Even two days can be a refreshing little break from your day to day. Mr. FgH and I were so excited to go on a tiny mini vacation this weekend! Since we have our darling puppy Bentley, we just weren’t wanting to leave him longer just yet. We stayed at the beautiful South Coast Winery. This is the driveway up to our little “villa”…so beautiful to see the vineyards next to the rose bordered drive.

Here is the close-up of the little roses next to the long winding drive. They are absolutely beautiful, and the hot weather in Temecula makes them bloom all year round.

The fountain in front of our little Villa. Such a happy sound! Each villa has a small dining area, a fireplace in the living room with two comfy couches, and a very comfy bed. The bathroom…if I could, I would have snuck that in my bag for at home. Glorious!

This little vineyard bordered by roses was next to our petite villa. We had lots of bird & bunny visitors.

Our own private patio. We had a glass of the complimentary wine here late in the afternoon. It was HOT out, but by the time 5:30 came, it had cooled off enough to sit here and talk, and relax.

Pepperberry Trees bordered the drive…I love those! I really wanted to cut a bunch off, but thought better of it. Picked as many as I could off the ground for using in a display at home on my mantel.

Early in the morning, so exciting to see all the Hot Air Balloons go up! One was being readied right next our villa, so we got a close-up view.

We had a glorious time. Next post….the photos of Christie Repasy & Rita Read’s Vintage Marketplace. {SOOOOO much fun, and the most inventive, creative vendors ever with over the top displays!}

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8 thoughts on “Temecula Get Away”

  1. Chaerlynn

    So beautiful there! It looks so restful, and the balloons must have really made this a wonderful get away. I’ve put this on my to go to someday list. Thanks, I always love reading about where you go, what you see, and all the other posts.

    1. Hi Chaerlynn! It is beautiful, you would love it there. I’d recommend not going in the summer months unless you love the heat, but this time of year is perfect. I imagine September is a great time too. Thanks for stopping by, and your latest mirror is on its way! xo Lidy

  2. Susann

    I love the roses and the vines, what a cool combination. I’m newly married, and my husband and I would love to visit here this summer. Do they have good winetasting rooms there?

    1. Susann, yes, they do. I didn’t go there, but their wine tasting room has a great reputation. This is a wonderful place to stay, I know you will love it.

  3. Hi Lidy, this looks like a great place to unwind. Next time I hope you can go for a longer visit and really recharge. I know you work so hard, but I have to say, it does show, your website is my favorite, your descriptions are so great to read, your eye is the best, and everything I buy from you is beyond wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you bought on this buying trip. PS…any new mirrors?

    1. Rose, thank you so much for being so kind. I’m so happy you love visiting FrenchGardenHouse. I do have a few mirrors that we just bought, but are not on the website yet, if you email me and let me know what type of mirror you are searching for, I’d be happy to email you a few pictures.

    1. Thank you! I wish we had had the time to go up in one, although I was a little scared to, but maybe one day.

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