Vintage Marketplace II

You all love antiques and shows! From the amount of email I’ve received asking for details, I know I better be early and quick for the next Vintage Marketplace show before all the great stuff is gone. Here are the rest of the photos I promised to share….I know you will enjoy them.

Christie Repasy’s booth. She was so mobbed in there I never was able to get a shot of her beautiful face for you. And pretty much everything had a SOLD sticker on it before I entered her space, which shouldn’t surprise you when you see her beautiful paintings and other pieces she painted.

How fun is this garland??

Amber Anderson of Black Rooster Cottage.

Glamarella Junk’s booth.

Here is a face I recognized instantly from her blog, Sugar Pie Farmhouse Ruth Ann, who was visiting her sister in California, the owner of Glamarella Junk.

Great furniture, this space was set up like a livingroom.

This girl almost made it home with me, but I really don’t have the space, so I was excited when a dealer from the Urban Barn snapped her up!

Love these, such a great idea for a party.

I had so much fun getting to know this sweet Wings of Lace owner.

My friend Sharon from Pansy Cottage GardenI couldn’t resist buying one of her gorgeous tabletoppers for fall.

There was something for everyone, from glitzy chandeliers to down home berry baskets.

Quite a few of the most unusual Brides and Grooms went home with me, but there were still plenty left for everyone else.

A fun space, with lots of smaller things to purchase and decorate your next party with.

Just before leaving, I snapped a picture of this great girl. She was dressed for beach success. And told me she’s looking forward to the next show.

Don’t worry if you missed this last show, they keep getting better and better….the next show is already being planned. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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12 thoughts on “Vintage Marketplace II”

  1. Thank you for including my photo in your fabulous showing of The Vintage Marketplace, Lidy! I know that I don’t speak for myself here; we’re already planning for September! Hope to see you then! XO

    1. Rosealynne

      Thanks so much for all these wonderful shots. I feel like I was there myself. You have such a knack for showing us the most fun and beautiful things. I love visiting your blog, and your site all the time, every day. hugs, Rosealynne

      1. Rosealynne, thanks so much for visiting, and your always encouraging comments.

    2. Amber, I can’t wait! I ‘m so glad the show was so successful for you, your space always looks amazing.

  2. Hi, it’s my first visit to your blog and I put you in my favorites, and am subscribing to the rss feed too. Best posts ever, great pics and so much fun information. I’m so glad i found your blog. Happy wed.:)

    1. Hi Sandy, welcome! I love meeting “new” blogfriends, I hope you are having a happy Wednesday, too. xo

  3. Debbie Schucko

    Lidy, I have been a fan since you started frenchgardenhouse way back when. You have the perfect eye, I never fail to see atleast 20 things I would love to own for making my shabby French style home more beautiful. I don’t have the room, otherwise I’d be buying it all.

    The package arrived, and I have to say that opening a package from FGH is like getting a gift, you take such care to wrap and ship, and presentation is better than anywhere else. Even my husband notices that and that’s saying a lot. It’s no wonder that you are hugely successful, you share what you love with love. Merci beaucoup@Shucko’s Home.

    1. Hi Debbie! So glad you loved your latest purchases, I hope you truly enjoy them at home. And thank you for always being so kind, and giving generous compliments. It’s clients like you who make getting to work each and every day a true joy.

  4. Such beautiful pictures and wonderful things. I wish I could be there but my wallet may not.


    1. Hi Cynthia, you would have loved it. I love visiting your blog, and tried to leave a comment but couldn’t, so I’ll do it here. LOVE your urns, we have black urns in flanking our entryway, and it’s such fun planting them for each season!

  5. Hi Lidy!! I just saw your comment on my blog and could not believe I did not mention meeting YOU!! Oh dear! I was in a hurry to get my blog post up in the middle of my vacation…lots of distractions! Well, I just fixed that! I also gave a link to your web site! I too was so very happy to meet you darlin’! I wish we had taken our picture together! Your photos of the show are just beautiful…and so is your web site! Love all of your gorgeous things! Sending hugs honey!
    Ruth Ann (Aka Aunt Ruthie)

    1. It was so wonderful meeting you, Ruth Ann, just wish we could have spent some time talking, while I was rushing around taking pictures. Maybe next time when you come up {or down, not sure which it is} we’ll be able to talk more. xo Lidy

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