Rare Antique French SFBJ Jumeau Doll Marked


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Rare Antique Porcelain Character Doll dressed in Pink, unusually large. In 1899 French doll makers {among others Jumeau and Gaultier}formed an alliance- SFBJ. This Polichinelle was the most popular in France, often used in French advertisements for toys, he was the favored symbol of children’s toys and play. She {or is this a “he”?} was offered in five different sizes and different materials, this being the luxury model with composition body and bisque head.  All original, marked on the back of the head, with the highest quality bisque and hand painted face, wears the original outfit in Pink and Cream floral striped cretonne, with lace, silk rosette ribbon and Pompom trim. I am fairly certain this used to have a snap closure at the top, over the decades the collector sewed it closed in back.

A beautiful bisque head with the sweetest expression, pretty blue glass eyes, finest hand painted lashes, top “real” lashes mostly there, and eyeliner. Isn’t she darling? The brows are lushly painted, and the pert little open mouth shows off a tiny glimpse of perfect teeth.

With a paper-mache body, the porcelain head with original paint finish, hair is glued on. Body shows typical age and use related wear with chipping on fingertips, hands and wrist, knee socket and legs, especially feet as shown. The matching jester cap is adorable. She still has her socks, but has lost her shoes while playing in the garden, {Nanny won’t be pleased.} A fabulous addition to your doll collection, or the beginning of one! This is a wonderful and rare to find model, in the very popular 26″. This doll was played with, she won’t be perfect, but so unusual, please only adopt her if you can love and cherish her the way she is. Marked FRANCE SFBJ 301 Paris.

  • Measures 26″h.
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