Antique Photograph by G Frank Pearsall of a Little Girl and Her Doll


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Antique Photograph by G Franck E. Pearsall of a Little Girl and Her Doll. Famed photographer George Frank E. Pearsall opened G. Frank E. Pearsall’s Photo Gallery in 1872 at 298 Fulton Street, Brooklyn N.Y. Considered one of our thet successful young photographers of the time, he patented a process for developing standard sizing in photographs, invented the Pearsall compact camera, a carrying case for cameras, a new new Ruby plate holder, and more.

This photograph of a little girl is quite striking, something Mr. Pearsall was famous for. She wears a long gown and pointed lace cap, and is standing on a chair with her button shoes. What makes this photo most endearing is that she is holding her doll in a natural manner that little girls will, by one arm. {and backwards, it’s a natural photo, instead of stiffly posed with the doll facing forward}
A delight for you photography collection, or to display with your collection of dolls. Wear, aging and a little glue from the album on the very bottom as shown.

  • Measures 6-1/2″ x 4-1/4″.
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