Exceptional Pickard Gold Encrusted Large Dinner Plates Set 10


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Exceptional set of ten large Dinner Plates, in a stunning gilt encrusted design made by the renowned firm of Pickard. Established in Wisconsin in 1893 by Wilder Austin Pickard, moved to Chicago in 1897, specializing in hand painted art pieces, dinner and tea sets. Pickard china ranks among the finest in the world, highly noted for its graceful shapes and beautiful decorations, made in the USA.

These elegant gold embossed plates show the fine workmanship of the Pickard Studio. On the pristine creamy background, the band of gold art nouveau floral design is further highlighted with a broad embossed tapestry band of 24 kt. gold. Each plate has hand applied gold, “decorated with 24K gold with a style that caters to a niche of clientele looking for elegant, timeless upscale dinnerware.” The pattern can be seen in the “Collector’s Encyclopedia of Pickard China by Alan B. Reed”.  A gracious and elegant addition to your collection and your finest table settings.

  • Measure 10-5/8″.
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