Estate Large Pique White Monogrammed Guest Towel FHI


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Gorgeous Estate Large Antique White Cotton Pique Guest Hand Towel. Loomed of a medium fine quality cotton pique, this larger size is a drying towel for washing, meant to hang on the side of the washstand. Classic and elegant, a hand stitched script monogram of FHI in the center done in padded bourdon stitching.  Hand sewn fagoting finishes the hems. Gorgeous!

A few of these have slight dark marks which may soak out, but they are an exquisite addition to your collection of French, English and American linens. Display this in your guest or master bathroom with joy.  The luxury of a by gone era for today. We also have a few of these that are extra large. Please choose the size you desire, or both!

  • Measure: Large: 33-1/2″ x 17-5/8″
  • Extra Large: 40″ x22″.
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