Exquisite Antique Needle Lace Italian Tablecloth Floral Baskets


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Beautiful Italian linen tablecloth, luxury quality, from an European Estate. Gorgeous padded whitework floral embroidery around all the edges, with inset point de venise needle lace medallions of rose floral baskets. Decorative cut work designs of flowers and scrolling embellishments add an extra luxury layer to this masterful design. The entire cloth is edged with hand made filet lace borders on every side. Superb! I can only imagine the hours, weeks and months spent by an accomplished needlewoman to create this heirloom treasure for a trousseau.  

An exceptional antique lace tablecloth, resplendent with fine quality lace workmanship and array of lace styles. I have not washed the cloth, it comes with the original blue storage tissue, it is straight from the armoire of the family’s home. There is some storage darkening on the panel that was “up” which will wash. A few storage marks as shown, and there may be a few loose brides etc. All in all a wonderful and rare estate textile, a delight for your prettiest table and collection, I would display this with pride here.

  • Measures 86″ x 78″.
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