Dutch Silver Small Eggnog Spoons Set of 6


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Dutch Silver Small Eggnog Spoons Set of 6, this is a lovely set used to serve eggnog, or in Europe, a thick drink called Advocaat. These diminutive wonders are rare to find these days, in the early 1900’s to mid a900’s they were part of every lady’s silver chest. Often used by gentleman callers to stir sugar into their small shot glasses of gin. These work beautifully at tea time as small spoons for serving jam, or as demitasse spoons. Beautifully made by a the Dutch silver firm Niederkerk. The stems are very elegant with a lovely design, ending in a fluted top crowned with a silver urn finial.

The spoons are marked both for the firm, on the back, as well as with a sword mark used for silver on the front. A divine find, and a sterling addition to your collection of fine silver for entertaining. Sold in a set of six.

  • Measure 3-1/4″ l.
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