Antique Delheid Freres Fabulous Silver Oyster Forks Set of 12


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Exceptional luxury quality, this beautiful set of 12 Antique Silver Oyster Forks was made by the prestigious silversmith Delheid Freres. Delheid Freres is one of the handful silversmiths that have attained worldwide recognition for their long heritage, their reputation for timeless patterns, heirloom investment quality, and unrivaled craftsmanship. 

This fine quality set includes twelve elegantly designed oyster forks. The ornate handles feature decorative classical foliate, shell and floral designs. Sets like this were used at the most exclusive tables in Europe for eating oysters. Head of Minerve 1st titre for 950/1000 French Sterling Silver guarantee on the upper parts and handles. The condition is very good, micro-scratches from normal use. Exceptional in both design and execution, this fabulous set will grace your table and delight your guests. Set of 12 presented in a box.

  • Measure 5-1/4″.
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