Antique French Christofle Silver Plate Tea Strainer Basket


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Fine quality Antique Silver Plate Tea Pot Strainer, this is a “spout” strainer, the little basket is inserted into the pouring spout of your pot to catch any escaping tea leaves. Beautifully made by world renowned Christofle in France, this decorative silver tea strainer is so elegant and feminine, in the shape of a flower.  Signed with the Christofle mark on the back of the basket, ca 1905-1912.

A little luxury for your tea service, a high quality gift for a fellow tea affecionado, or a stellar addition to your collection. Display with your antique French and continental porcelain tea cups and silver tea sets, gorgeous! This little gem has been lovingly used at a lady’s tea table for generations, there is patina and the wear you would expect to see.

  • Measures 2~1/2″ in daimeter, it is about 1″ high. 
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