Cracked Ice Blue & White Ironstone Pitcher


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Beautiful Early Antique Flow Blue Cracked Ice Blue & White Pitcher, made in the earlier part of the 1800’s in England. This pattern is also sometimes called Seaweed. Minton was one of the premier producers of pieces like this, sadly there is no mark on the bottom so I can’t attribute this piece to Minton. Cracked Ice is one of the rarest to find Aesthetic ironstone designs.

Well potted handle, and beautiful detailing on spout and where the handle attaches. In age appropriate condition, this has darkened with age, what our European dealer friends refer to as ‘buttered’- not pristine white and showing all the age…what we love! There is a century old hairline showing on the bottom. A gem for your collection, these very very early useful pieces don’t often survive.

  • Measures 6-7/8″ x 5″ x 7″h


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