Early 19th Century Blue and White Transfer Printed Plate


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Beautiful fine quality Antique Blue and White Transfer Printed Staffordshire Plate, this museum worthy plate was transfer printed with a decorative and very charming design of  men working with a fishing net in a harbor, while a dog looks on. {in this very early plate, the dog looks more like a sheep -later renditions make it more a dog figure} Made in the very early 1800’s- between 1811 – 1826, in a much darker cobalt blue coloration than the future plates were made.

The slightly scalloped rim decorated with flowers and grapes or berries {sorry, not sure!} surround the center decoration. This very early plate has patina and wear, as is to be expected. Comes with the hanger used to display in the collector/owner’s home. A delight for your blue and white collection. Unmarked.

  • Measures 10″.
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