Antique Stilton Scoop with Silver Mounted Antler Handle


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Beautiful Antique Victorian Stilton Scoop with Silver Mounted Antler Handle, stunning sterling silver ferrule collar and end cap. This exquisite large scoop is of the finest quality, marked HH on the cap, which I believe is for the silver firm of Harrison Brothers & Howson, of Sheffield, England. Made in the late 1800’s, with the cap and collar with reeded design beautifully fitted to the scoop.

Designed to gracefully scoop Stilton cheese from its traditional wheel, the etiquette for serving this blue cheese is that it shouldn’t be sliced into wedges, but sliced horizontally and served with a scoop. This stunning Stilton Cheese Scoop will grace fine dining tables everywhere and is an essential dining accessory. Perfect for entertaining, when Stilton is traditionally eaten at the end of a meal when Port is taken.

  • Measures 10-3/4″l
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