Antique Sterling Silver Posy Holder or Tussy Mussy


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Beautiful and delicate Antique Sterling Silver Posy Holder or Tussy Mussy, with a pierced top and oval shape. ¬†Called a “porte bouquet” in France, it has an attached chain with a pin to hold little bouquets of flowers in place. In the 1800’s, fashionable ladies favored floral accessories, and a tussy mussy holder was a favorite accessory she carried with the little floral bouquets given by a young gentleman when he visited. The young lady could then decipher the meaning of his floral message using her Language of Flowers book.

This small bouquet with very short stems usually consisted of small flowers, and herbs, as often they were used while walking in a city to ward off offensive smells. The small bouquet was bound together and inserted into the flared sterling open end, with the long ‘pique’ run through it to hold the posy in place. This beautiful sterling silver tussy mussy cone has a scrolling end, making it easy to hold. Unusual oval shape, of note one of the top flared pieces has seperated from its neighbor but is firmly attached everywhere else. I believe that the chain and pin are not sterling, but silver plated, they may have been a replacement for the original chain. What a stunning addition to your collection of all things elegant, graceful and 19th century lady-like!

  • Measures 4-1/2″l. x 103/8″ x 1-1/8″



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