Antique Victorian Small Tea Spoons Set of 3


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Antique Victorian Small Tea Spoons Set of 3, a very pretty pattern made by the Royal Plate Company which was founded in 1909.  These little spoons are also called demi-tasse spoons today, although in polite Victorian society they were considered a normal tea and coffee spoon.  Spoons of this size are still used in Europe to stir coffee and tea, they find our larger ‘American’ tea spoons to be quite huge, and they definitely do not belong with the fine delicate porcelain cups of the era.

Each spoon is lustrous silver plate, the handles have a pretty floral design and a little spot for a monogram, should you wish to have them engraved. They are in good condition for their age, one has a little wearing of the plating from being laid down on the table over the decades. Sold in a set of three spoons.

  • Measure: 4-1/4″l.
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