Antique Sterling and Blown Glass Syrup Pitcher

Antique Sterling and Blown Glass Syrup Pitcher, such a beauty! The heavy blown glass is in the wonderful Strawberry Diamond and Fan pattern, the bottom has a rough pontil like you want to see in the older pieces.  Made by Wilcox, in the late 1800’s, the pitcher is fitted with a sterling silver top and lid that opens and closes perfectly.

Such a treat to add to your collection of rare to find antique serving pieces for when you entertain, or when you are enjoying a moment by yourself. Use this pitcher to serve syrup for your world famous waffles, or to pour cream on strawberries and other desserts. The pitcher is in very good condition, there are a few ‘straw marks’ on the glass, which occurred when glassmakers placed just made and hot glass in beds of straw to cool down.

  • Measures 5-1/4″h x 5″ x 4″.
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