Antique Silver Plated Victorian Ferns Spirit Kettle on Stand


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Beautiful  Antique Silver Plated Victorian Ferns Spirit Kettle on Stand made for Benetfink & Co, a luxury goods retailer at 107 and 108 Cheapside, London, between 1852-1861.  Cheapside was London’s most famous and important shopping street during the 1800’s – it takes its name from ‘chepe’, a Saxon word for a market.  A stunning example of a top quality silver plated spirit kettle and stand made by a top-notch silversmith, the underside is fully marked for the retailer.

The oval pot has an incredible etched fern design with several varieties of ferns including delicate maidenhair, the finial and handle are made of bone.  The stand is supported by elegant legs, it holds the plated spirit burner which still has a length of wick coiled inside, ready for use. The burner below would have been filled with fuel to light the wick, keeping the water hot and ready to top-up the teapot. Very good condition for a pot that is over 163 years old. Of note, there is a small rub where the plating has worn on the front of the handle {most likely where generations of the family placed their thumb when pouring hot water} and the bone has lines, it is solid.  A rare to find treasure of this age and in this condition.

  • Measures: Pot: 9-1/2″ x 5-1/4″ x 9″h; on stand:  “h.

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