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Antique Hand Quilted Two Color Fly Wheel Quilt


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Exquisite Antique Hand Quilted Two Color Wheel Quilt, this late 1800s-early 1900’s quilt is striking! The fly wheel quilt was pieced entirely by hand with the smallest detailed hand stitching all over, the creamy white blocks have hand quilted wreaths like those found on wedding quilts. Gorgeous color, a deep warm yellow, perfect for every season.

This quilt is in good antique condition, the seams are intact, and the fabric is in good condition. There is some binding wear to a few places, there is a small stain, it has not been “fixed”. Should you wish to, these are not big things to rectify, but I know my collectors like to purchase quilts as is. Solid white on the back. Structurally sound, this museum-worthy piece is wonderful to add to your collection, to display on a bed or your wall.  

  • Measures 80″ x 62″.
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