Antique Hand Painted Art Nouveau Celery Dish Poppies


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Antique Hand Painted Art Nouveau Celery Dish with Poppies. In the late 1800’s, celery was highly prized, all  “high society” hostesses owned a celery serving dish for every table setting service. Celery was quite expensive and considered a delicacy, it was displayed to impress guests. This antique celery dish or server is certainly impressive all on its own. Gorgeous lavender color, fine and elegant shape with gilt trim, and a hand painted poppy design signed by E. Beyer. 

From an estate collection of only the finest hand painted porcelains, this was made by Royal Rudolstadt, Prussia. So beloved was this piece, the collector had the handle restored after a new butler dropped it. Please see the close-up.  

  • Measures 12-3/4″ x 5-1/2 x 1/34″.
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