Makkum Hand Painted Fine Square Bowl


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Exceptional Makkum Pottery Polychrome Bowl, hand painted with great expertise. Pottery in Makkum was made by small family owned businesses, using yellow clay found in the province of Friesland, Holland, hand painted tin glazes decorate each early earthenware piece.  The special character of the Makkum earthenware was produced by their unique, secret tin glaze, giving each hand made piece its gloss and brilliance.  This bowl or small jarinierre has a flower garland on the outside in a typical country design painted with great care by the artist on the outside of the bowl. Highly collectable, these pieces are no longer being made.

Like the French majolica and country faience pottery, Makkum is avidly collected, each antique and vintage piece is a true luxurious treasure, valued for the vibrant colors and high skill level of Makkum painters. French Country colors of blue, red, green, brown and golden yellow on a white ground. Signed on the bottom. This is a gorgeous piece to add to your collection, display this with your antique Delft, your Flow Blue, and your other Blue & White decorative antique pieces. 

  • Measures 3~1/8″ x 2~5/8″h.
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