Antique Hand Made Wood Country Carrier Tote Original Paint


Exceptional Hand Made Antique Wood Carrier or Tote, with age, patina and everything you desire in an antique piece from the 19th century. Exquisite patina and color on the wood, with that “smooth” feeling only an authentic old piece will have. Rare to find with this wonderful original paint, the color is a soft blue-ish green over a dark green.

This family heirloom carrier will carry your flatware to the table, store your silver on your French buffet, or help you in the garden by taking your seeds and trowel with you. This has wear and missing bits here and there, which is what you wish to see on a piece from the mid 1800’s. Beautifully decorative, makes a stunning centerpiece for your farm table, fill with seasonal items such as flowers, topiaries, apples, or your antique napkins.

  • Measures 12-3/4″ x 9″ x 7-1/2″.
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