Antique French Nun’s Rosary with Hand Carved Wood Beads


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Antique French Nun’s or Over-Bed Rosary with Hand Carved Wood Beads, meant to be hung over a new bride’s bed in Provence for protection. What a wonderful find, gorgeous to display over one of your antique Santos, or a large Madonna, even an antique dress form mannequin.

An extraordinary piece of devotional work, made of wood beads, beautifully hand carved with floral designs. The beads are joined with metal links, a beautiful carved wooden heart center separates the crucifix element from the rest of the rosary. The cross is hand carved and has a mounted brass Christ on the front. A beautiful piece, for those of you who are devout collectors of religious antiques. The heart prays, the beads count. 

  • Measures 66″;the crucifix portion starting at the top of the heart hangs down 12″. Cross measures 3-1/4″ x 1-3/4.


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