Antique Coin Silver Gravy Ladle D. Goddard 1820


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Beautiful Antique Coin Silver Gravy Ladle made by D. Goddard between 1825-1829 in Worcester, Ma. Virtually all the silver produced in colonial America is coin silver, there was no source for silver in the colonies. It took 140 halfpennies or 70 half-real coins to make one eating spoon, and coinage was extremely scarce.

What coin silver represents in American history is astonishing. The actual difference in silver between coin & sterling is about 25/1000ths, almost nothing. This ladle has the simple style favored at the time, with shoulders above the bowl. Monogrammed M E J. Marked on the handle. SALE PRICED.

  • Measures 6-3/4″l.
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