Antique Coin Silver 1870 Clematis Spoons Monogrammed M E H Set of 5


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Rare set of Antique American Coin Silver Spoons, patented and made by A. & W. Wood in 1860. Virtually all the silver produced in colonial America is coin silver, there was no source of silver in the colonies. The acquisition of a silver spoon by a colonist represented a significant purchase, most tablespoons made required 70 grams of silver coin, not counting payment to the silversmith. 

It took 140 halfpennies or 70 half-real coins to make a single spoon, and coinage was extremely scarce, what coin silver represents in American history is astonishing. The actual difference in silver between coin and sterling is about 25/1000ths, barely any difference at all. Coin silver was no longer made after 1868.  

Unmarked as the earliest coin silver spoons often were, these collectible spoons are in very good condition for their age {two have slightly bent bowls, you may be able to correct this, I love them as is so have not done so} please see the photos. All are a decorative piece of American history, and very usable today. An heirloom addition to your silver collection with beautiful stories of the past. Sold in a set of five.

  • Measure 5-1/2″ long.
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