19th Century Early American Coin Silver Dessert Table Spoons Fiddle Pattern Set of 5


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Fine Set of 5 Early 19th Century American Coin Silver Dessert Table Spoons in the Fiddle Pattern, made in the early 1800’s. These spoons are marked by W. Keyes and date to the early 1800’s. These lovely spoons have the classic Fiddle pattern, with a downward turned handle and shoulders above the spoon’s bowl. The terminal of the handle has the name H N Davis engraved in script.

The oldest kind of American silver, coin silver is at minimum 90% silver.  American colonist silver makers melted down European coins to re-cast into serving pieces and flatware, because they did not want to use British imported silver. This set of five spoons is a lovely addition to your collection. In good antique condition, with the expected light surface wear after more than two centuries, two have a slight bend.

  • Measure 5-7/8″l.


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