19th Century Bronzed Heurtoir Door Knocker With Hand


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19th Century Bronzed Heurtoir Door Knocker with Hand. This collectible and beautiful antique door knocker in the form of a lady’s hand with an ornate cuff is a very heavy cast piece. This has a particularly pretty mount piece with a floral design. Wears its age with elegance, stunning original patina, over 100 years of darkening and “softening” of the hand, what you want to see in a decorative piece like this.

Door knockers were meant to allow the visitor “to  take hold of the house, like a handshake.” Through the way the door was knocked, it declared the emotion of the visitor, too, like haste, frustration, timidity or confidence. Knockers like this have a long folk lore superstition of protecting a home’s occupants. The screw is not as old as the knocker, the family replaced it some time ago so that it would be sturdy. Perfect to add to your collection, or to mount on your own petit chateau door.

  • Measures 4-1/2″ x 2″.
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