Antique Bohemian Turquoise Blue Hand Blown Glass Enameled Pitcher and Glass Set Mary Gregory


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Antique decorative Blue Bohemian produced Victorian Mary Gregory style Glass Pitcher and Glass Set, purchased from an estate in France. The detail is exceptional, these earlier 19th century glass pieces have enameling, painted in several delicate layers with beautiful intricacy, by a master painter. The depth achieved in the painting was the result of applying enamel in varying thicknesses that was built up over a period of several days, then fired at least four more times.  

These early pieces are lighter, they were blown by mouth into the mold, the base of the pitcher displays a “rough” pontil mark on the base as it should, a sign of its age.  {The later machine molded pieces had the pontil mark ground down flat.} This set dates to 1880, the style of clothing worn by the figures have wonderful period detail, breeches, walking sticks, all a lovely reminder of the elegant clothing of the late 19th century. 

The pitcher has a ribbed optic applied handle, which is more rare than the smooth applied handle. I fell in love with this set in this glorious color, but it is not perfect. {antiques from Europe rarely are, they tend to actually use their treasures at home.} There is a chip in the glass at the mouth of the pitcher, on the underside. There is a chip or flake on the inside of one of the glasses. Please only purchase this glorious set if this doesn’t bother you, and you can love these pieces for the works of art that they are. 

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