18th Century Polychrome Italian Christ Child


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Exceptional early 18th Century Polychrome Italian Christ Child, beautifully carved from wood. This graceful and exceptionally well-carved figure was likely an altar piece, it is free standing, which is much more rare to find. He is beautiful, with a holy glow, the artist who created him showed a deep knowledge of his craft as well as a deep love for God. The Christ Child has flowing hair, a sweet childlike face, and body. His right hand makes the early orator’s symbol of ‘perfection’ {The Greeks and Romans developed a well-established, quite complex hand-gesture code that was understood during Jesus’ time}

Such a rare to find religious wooden representation, please look at the photographs for his condition. Since he has his arms, and fingers, he’s considered to be in very good antique condition for his age. He has a few openings at the back of his head, he would most likely have worn some sort of headpiece or crown in the 1700’s, this did not travel through time with him. {often made of precious jewels and almost pure Italian gold, they were not sold out of the church but kept.}. Such a blessing to be able to add him to your home, he will add great joy and grace.

  • Measures 8″ x 8″ x 17-3/4″h.
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