17th Century Venetian Gilded Wood Madonna and Child


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Exceptional Antique Italian Madonna & Child figure, from the end of the 1600’s, masterfully hand carved of wood in Venice, Italy, then gilded, hand painted and lacquered. Bought on our recent trip to Italy’s premier antique show, this is from the exquisite collection of Federico Andrisani, an expert in Italian religious antiques. {Can I just say I fell in love wth them, and no other ones compared?} That this is in such very good condition is extremely rare to find, and that the Holy Virgin and Christ Child are both holding the same heart is even more rare and special. This solid carved wooden Santos statue features a gilded flowing robe and polychrome finish. This gorgeous Madonna figure has a rich patina, the faces of both the Holy Mother and Infant are exceptionally beautiful.

The carving is just lovely, there is a certain sweetness and spirit about this Madonna that will draw you near and there is an instant connection. The artist poured his heart and soul into this Madonna and child. The conservation is very good for a piece of this age. You will know if this Madonna is meant to reside in your home to bless you, she is beautiful, elegant and grace filled. Both the virgin and the baby Jesus have the most expressive features. Paint, craquelure, presence, this Madonna and Child have a magical quality.  From a private chapel in Venice. They were by far the best of the show which was filled with untold religious antique treasure.

  • Measures  17-1/2″h.
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