Valentine’s Day is the day to remind your nearest and dearest just exactly how much you love them. Start this special day off with an extra-ordinary breakfast for those you love the most.

This can mean for you and your love, for you and your children, for you and your girlfriends.  A pretty, long lasting breakfast is wonderful for you and anyone. A breakfast party!

{ PS. If you live alone, why not treat yourself special on this day too? Maybe not a full on breakfast party, but breakfast served on your favorite dishes in front of the fire? Or on a tray in bed. Add a little vase with a rose just for you. }



If you are coming over from Sheila at Maison de Cinq, I’m so excited to have those of you who are here for the first time. Welcome!

I know that you have been inspired by Sheila, she is so talented and everything she does is beautiful. To my regular readers, thank you for coming back again and again, you know I love having you here and sharing ideas, antiques, and thoughts with you, I LOVE your comments.

It means so very much to me, so thank you!



Today I’m joining my talented designer friends for the first 2018 Styled + Set Tour for Valentine’s Day.  Hosted by my wonderful friend Lory of Designthusiasm, I always look forward to seeing what kind of table setting inspiration these ladies come up with. All of them are breathtaking!  At the very end of this post, I’ll link to them so you can visit each one.

Here is a peek at my Blue & White Chinoiserie Valentine’s Breakfast.



I served tea in the big antique silver urn in my living room. Because I wanted to set up a little table in front of the fire, it seemed easier to have a drink station there, too.  Ready for self-service, all the little cups, spoons, sugar and napkins fit on the antique French sideboard.


My little “Napoleons” – what these antique mannequins are called – are dressed for the occasion with heart and antique necklaces.  A lovely bouquet of pink roses, maidenhair fern fronds and little spicy-scented carnations bring joy and beauty to this corner.



Blue & White is always a classic favorite, isn’t it? There is no reason why it can’t be gorgeous for Valentine’s Day, especially the romantic Blue Willow pattern. I’m an equal-opportunity Blue Willow lover, most of these dishes are Japanese, with a large platter and some cups and saucers that are antique English.




The Blue Willow pattern was produced by Minton, in fine porcelains, as well as several other “luxury” brands, but also by several Japanese makers in pottery for every day use.

You can read about the romance of BLUE WILLOW HERE >



I love the idea of  a breakfast party because it takes a little less effort than hosting a big dinner party.  It’s easier on your budget, too.

You can serve whatever you love, fresh fruit, little silver dollar pancakes, waffles, bacon and/or sausages, scrambled eggs, croissants, together with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Done.



For my table, I started with the gorgeous Blue & White Paisley Table Linens that just arrived at FrenchGardenHouse. I love these…they look wonderful with everything!  But they are stunning when set with blue and white, the more, the more beautiful!



This little table is set up for self-service for four. The English Silver Domed Server holds scrambled eggs and bacon, the little pancakes are served with fresh fruit and maple syrup.  So easy!




This way everyone can get a charger and plate, serve themselves, and sit on the chairs and sofa by the fire.  I’ll be honest, I almost never serve in the living room, but when I do, I find that a sturdy charger makes it easier for guests to balance a plate on their lap.

I’m almost always more likely to actually SET the table. It seems more intimate, and it allows me to add a few personal touches, like a little favor and card.



Oh….and a few chocolates. because. chocolate means love. {right?}  For each place setting, I used one of our Chinoiserie gift tags {coming soon} and wrote j’adore with a pink pen, then placed a chocolate heart on the antique chocolate spoon.





I hope these photos have inspired you to host your own Valentine’s Day Breakfast this year.



For more Valentine’s Inspiration, I’ve listed the links to my friends below at the very bottom.  And since so many of you always ask, the links to the sources for this Blue & White Chinoiserie table setting, too!




I had delusions of making you all a lovely little source-list, with everything pictured and linked, but ran out of time! Sorry!

You can find all the products used for this Blue & White Chinoiserie Valentine Table {and a few other antiques and treasures } HERE >

Please visit my friend Sarah at Life on Virginia Street next, she has exquisite taste and her knit table runner is so perfect for this time of year!

Visit my friends on this tour for more Valentine’s Day love!


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HOW WILL YOU CELEBRATE VALENTINE’S DAY? No matter how you do it, I hope you tell all the people you love, that you do.